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Travelling in itself is an indulgence, and it is common for travellers to overindulge in food and drinks while overlooking the side effects of unhealthy binging during their leisure break. So let me share with you some healthy tips that I followed while cruising to Cozumel Mexico that can save you the trouble of gaining those extra pounds or any other ailment and enjoy your vacation to its brim without going on a guilt trip.

egg fried rice

Seal the first meal of the day

Ditch your black coffee with a fresh glass of juice, and before you move to grab that sinful doughnut, pack yourself two sunny-side-up eggs and whole wheat bread or a bowl of oats with nuts and seeds topped with fresh fruits. The idea is not to cut down on calories but to fill yourself with a healthy spread rich in protein to keep you going throughout the day. Mind it; an empty stomach craves for more junk.

Drink your way

Keeping yourself hydrated will help keep your energy level high and send the right signal to your mind to not think of thirst as hunger. So, say yes to healthy smoothies, shakes, detox juices, and no to that extra glass of wine or any carbonated beverage.

Taste and don’t eat in haste

True to the adage, “Excess of everything is bad.” Here the same rule applies to over restraining yourself when it comes to food that may lead to burnout, and you may end up eating more unhealthy meals while watching all your efforts going down the drain. So, the idea is to allow yourself to taste your favourite food instead of eating it to fill your stomach and indulge in the limit.

Healthy munching

During your travel, the mind and body are usually in the rest mode, resulting in frequent hunger bouts, which results in us reaching out to fried foods, desserts, and other sinful delicacies. Keep the healthy snack pack of nuts and seeds ready in your travel bag to satiate these hunger pangs.

Keep it small and simple

While travelling, we tend to explore the local markets and other places that offer lip-smacking delicacies and give us enough reason to listen to the food enthusiast in us and surrender while ignoring all the healthy eating habits. The best way is to eat in small portions and share your meals so that you don’t end up overeating.

Sweet tooth

For most of us, a dessert is the best way to end their meal, it could be a scoop of ice cream, a piece of cake, and the list is endless. However, a small portion of mixed fruits will help you in curtailing your urge for sugar.

End the day on a lighter note

Develop this habit of eating a light dinner before you call it a day and try to keep a gap of more than 12 hours in your dinner and breakfast for better metabolism and digestion.

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