Have you ever experienced that post-workout glow? Yes – of course, you’ll be hot, red and sweaty, but there is a buzz that comes after taking part in exercise, caused by a rush of endorphins. Wondering how to do that? Continue reading as we offer you some suggestions for a new fitness regime.

Fitness with friends

Working out alone can be a lonely experience, and we can often be more easily distracted and give up without any accountability. Drag a friend along to a class or go on a power walk together.

It’ll be a great time to catch up on gossip, have a laugh and enjoy yourselves whilst raising your heart rate and doing your body and soul some good.

Try different things

We can easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to our fitness regimes. For some of us, going to the gym four days a week for an hour can suffice. However, for many of us, doing that becomes monotonous, repetitive and ultimately, we give up because we are bored.

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym regularly, but when you find yourself coming up with excuses not to go, try adding in some different forms of fitness instead. Perhaps, you could sign yourself up for a class that you haven’t done before.

Don’t obsess over numbers

When we obsess over the numbers on the scales, on our watches, on the gym machines, we can sometimes lose that love of exercise (if we ever had it!).

Rather than worrying about not having lost a pound or so, focus on the strength, stamina and determination it took to complete that Zumba class.

Instead of feeling low because you didn’t get a PB at Parkrun, concentrate on having run without getting a stitch. Try to think positively and celebrate the small wins rather than looking at what didn’t go quite to plan.

Revert back to your childhood

Think back to your childhood and what you used to do for fun. Much of it will probably have revolved around going to the park or cycling around your local area with friends. What’s to stop you going back to the playground?

If you can go during the day, use the equipment and give yourself a proper workout. The monkey bars are great for upper body strength.

Practise handstands and cartwheels, too. If that’s not up your street, ring a friend and take them on a bike ride somewhere new. You’ll have so much enjoyment!

Sign up for a challenge

Doing something worthwhile for charity or just simply for the satisfaction of proving yourself capable can be a major happiness booster. From an event where you have to run and overcome a variety of challenging obstacles to swimming in open waters, there are a wealth of different events from which you could choose.

Of course, you will need to practise, so signing up a friend, too, will certainly help, and you can have fun training together.

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