I was sent a SodaStream Spirit Gold for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own.

We have a SodaStream and Ben loves to make himself sparkling water. It is such a great way of keeping hydrated and encouraging yourself to drink more water. The SodaStream Spirit Gold is perfect for a modern kitchen that already has gold accents.

Black Sodastream Spirit Gold device on tabletop

Is the Sodastream Spirit Gold right for you?

If you have gold accents in your kitchen already this gadget will add those extra touches to look great. It is available in both white and black so perfect for everyone.

If you like sparkling water and want an easy gadget to turn your tap water into sparkling water this is perfect for you. Not only will you save money on buying bottles of sparkling water but it is perfect for helping the environment too as saves all those single-use plastic bottles.

SodaStream Spirit Gold Review and Giveaway

How easy is it to use?

We found the SodaStream Spirit really easy to use and this Gold version was no different. We gave this to some family friends who loved it. They found it really easy to use too.

The gadget uses a gas bottle which is easily available and does not need a plug so can be used anywhere.

Sodastream filled with fizzy water

Where to buy the Sodastream spirit and different flavours for it

Amazon is great for things like this and has the SodaStream spirit for around £90. It is available in many places though so do shop around and see what the current price is on Amazon (link above) or on other sites.

Sodastream Spirit Gold with fizzy water

What do other bloggers think?

I am not the only blogger who likes the Sodastream spirit, if you want to check out their views too Emma talks about how her teenagers love it here.

Melanie got on well with hers too. Read her opinions here.

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  1. My favorite flavored water flavor is grapefruit. Watermelon, lime and lemon are also good. I love sparkling water, Perrier, Waterloo, Topo Chico are the best.

  2. Dandelion and Burdock – truly sublime fizz that really does the biz. It’d be a match made in heaven when produced in this Sodastream!

  3. This looks an amazing bit of kit. Not only would I love to win one, for someone who doesn’t drink tee or coffee I could really put this to use in the office at work.

  4. I don’t like flavoured water per se, generally because any flavoured water I’ve tried has sweeteners in & I HATE the taste, urgh

  5. Not into flavoued water my self prefer my tea, but daughter loves all sorts of flavours, her best being lemon and lime

  6. I’m not a great lover of water, probably drink less than 0.5 litre daily but drink way too much coffee.

  7. I would watch the cost of the replacement gas cylinders. The cheapest I can find at the moment is Robert Dyas for £12.99 which works out much more expensive than buying sparkling water from the supermarket.

  8. I tend to drink plain water or fizzy water, dont usually go for flavours. Would love this, remember my Aunt having a soda stream in the 80s. It was a huge machine and I loved how extra fizzy the drinks were!!