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Velvet fabric’s prominence in the fabric market have had fabric mills produce more and more as it is now preferred by many. The elegance and the luxurious touch paired with the rich and thick fabric of velvet just makes consumers love such fabric. Apart from its texture, it is also one of the most durable fabrics you can find out there.

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What is velvet made from?

In case you were wondering, velvet fabrics are actually made from various types of fibres woven together to create a rich and thick cloth. This provides a soft feeling to your velvet fabrics while also giving the durability of fabric that you want.

The most expensive type of velvet is the one made out of silk, as original silk fibres are actually produced by silkworms that are cultured and grown in few certain areas. This makes silk velvet something to be proud of having, however expensive may it be.

Yet, because of the growing innovations for velvet nowadays, the fabric industry has come up with different strategies to produce silk-like fabrics which also provides the same look and texture like that of original silk.

How is velvet used?

Aside from its look, velvet fabrics are widely used in seasons and areas where temperatures are low. Velvet fabric curtains are used in order to block out the cold wind from going inside the room while also able to maintain the warm temperature inside. Velvet fabrics are also used in upholstery as it gives out a warm feeling when used by homeowners during cold seasons. 

Moreover, velvet fabrics are also highly resistant to shrinkage and pilling, which also makes it best for your upholstery. It does not deform easily and can go back to looking like new even after heavy use. Velvet fabrics are also considered one of the strongest fabric you can find because of its high fabric strength. The double-layer fabric is just to die for!

Buying velvet fabrics

One of the most visited fabric shops in the United Kingdom that offers the best velvet fabrics is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They sell a lot of varieties of velvet made out of polyester, rayon, and the other synthetics so you can buy affordable velvet fabric to bring out the elegance into your rooms.

The best part of buying velvet fabrics at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the assurance that their fabrics are made from premium materials that exceed the UK standards.

If you’re looking for embossed or crushed velvet fabrics, they sure can cater your wants however unique it can be. Plus, their fabrics are always available and in stock so you can rely on their fabrics anytime. 

When buying velvet fabrics, always make sure to visit the right shop so you can guarantee that your fabrics are made with high-quality materials. Purchasing from the wrong shop would also mean you can’t be sure if your fabrics, thus defeating the purpose of durability and affordability of cloth.

You can always visit the Yorkshire Fabric Shop for heavy-duty velvet fabrics that can last for years. They offer affordable fabrics and can even offer discounts for bulk orders!

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