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Has your doctor recommended a major surgery in the near future? The truth is planning for surgery can be stressful for both the patient and their family. As a patient, you may want to know every detail about the surgery and how fast you will heal so that you can go back to your normal routine. 

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But for you to enjoy a smooth recovery after major surgery, you must take time to plan for quality recovery. Working with a professional caregiver who is trained to help patients recover safely in the comfort of their homes contributes greatly to the betterment of the patient’s well-being no matter their condition after the surgery. This amazing home care Virginia Beach caregivers will remove the stress from your healing journey and give you the peace of mind you need as you recover from your surgery.

Here are 4 important tips to help you recover from major surgery.

1. Follow Your Discharge Instructions to The Letter

After your surgery, your surgeon and the surgical team will give you a set of discharge instructions which include; your recovery diet, physical activity level, mental wellbeing, and wound care. Be sure to follow all the instructions carefully once you get home. 

Some of the instructions may be limiting, for instance, your doctor can recommend that you avoid taking baths, swimming, or working out for the first week after major surgery, but following the instructions to the letter will prevent setbacks in the recovery journey. If you are unsure about something, call your doctor and ask for clarification. 

2. Drink And Eat Properly

Many patients lose their appetite after undergoing major surgery. Pain medication can also leave you nauseated or constipated and this can make you not want to eat anything. But ensuring that you stay hydrated and eating a healthy balanced diet will ensure that you heal quickly by minimizing complications and side effects of the surgery and anaesthesia. 

If you live alone, or if your family members have busy schedules and cannot give you all the attention you need, consider getting a home health care aide. A caregiver can take care of the meal preparation and ensure that you eat foods rich in fibre and vegetables to prevent constipation. A caregiver will also remind you to eat your meals on time and take your pain medication as advised. 

3. Take Good Care of The Incision Site

Once you get home, be sure to inspect and take care of the incision site every day. Avoid going overboard in trying to keep the wound clean. Scrubbing the wound and picking scabs that form around it can result in infections. Unless the doctor recommends it, avoid applying lotion or using alcohol around the wound. 

If you need wound care services, hiring a caregiver who specializes in wound care will help you keep the wound dry and clean. If there is an infection or abnormal wound drainage, they can help you contact the doctor right away. 

4. Take Your Pain Medication

Keeping your pain under control after major surgery is very important. Many patients prefer to avoid prescription drugs but, if your pain goes beyond the tolerable levels, it can hinder the recovery process. Ensure that you take all your medication as the doctor prescribed it. Staying ahead of the pain will help you to sleep and rest better and also help you to avoid long-term complications.  

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