We all love going away for a weekend break but the costs can soon add up. We recently went to London and stayed at a beautiful hotel in Kew, ate at The Gherkin and wandered around the city. I have a few tips to share with you to make that weekend break as cheap as you can. I used some of them on a recent trip with Ben to Liverpool.

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Do you need to actually go for a weekend break?

Midweek trips can often be cheaper in so many ways so check if this is a possibility. For Travel off peak tickets can be so much cheaper and let’s face it you still get to your destination!

Stay outside of the city centre

If you are looking for a city break look at less well known hotels outside of the centre. This way you find the prices are cheaper and travelling into the city can be cheap. When we stayed in Liverpool we stayed outside the centre and got a taxi into the centre at only around £4 a time! Places further out can include free or cheaper parking too!

Book your accomodation online

Once you know where you want to stay check out different websites online. The hotels loyalty scheme is often free to join and can get you extras or a small discount.

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Book attractions in advance

Visiting attractions can be really expensive and add up. Buying tickets online may only save a few pounds a time but it all adds up if you are visiting multiple places. Websites such as Groupon often have vouchers for attractions too so well worth looking.

Visit less well known places

Tourist hotspots are always more expensive to visit. Investigate other areas close by that may be just as nice but less well known. The price different can be shocking.

Don’t take the kids

Family rooms are always more expensive than double rooms. If you want to save money how about leaving the kids with your parents or a friend for a few days. As a couple remember you need time together too. Worth considering on many levels.

Plan food ahead

With so many places to eat if you go out hungry you will inevitably stop at the first place you come across. If you plan where to eat ahead not only is it cheaper but you will find some great hidden gems too. In my opinion the nicest places are often a little out of the way and less obvious.

7 Tips for a weekend break on a budget

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  1. Definitely staying outside the city is cheaper if you can do it at all. Makes your money go longer for sure. In fact I was just talking about this with my daughter and doing it this summer.