Has the lockdown and subsequent changes to life had you thinking about big changes to your life this summer? I know it has for me. I am trying again to lose weight, thinking about other aspects of my health, and even thinking of changes to my blog! Here are some thoughts that may help you make changes to your life this summer.

wooden figures pushing stones

Weight loss

Is now the time you will motivate yourself to lose weight? Perhaps with Slimming World? Or are you looking at Weight Watchers, Second Nature or Noom perhaps? There are so many different diets out there. Another option is to calorie count or a high protein diet such as Musclefood’s do the unthinkable or to try using high protein drinks for weight loss.

Most weight loss plans work but you need to find the right one for you. One that fits your lifestyle and your family circumstances. If you enjoy family meals then a plan where you can eat the same meals as your family is best, even if yours are adapted slightly.

woman holding her jeans out to show weight loss

Giving up bad habits

Do you drink too much coffee and need to cut that down? Maybe you are looking to change to a decaffeinated version? Do you need a nice new water bottle to encourage you to drink more water? A water-tracking app could be perfect for helping you achieve this. There are lots available or you could use something like My Fitness Pal to combine it with a calorie-counting diet.

Perhaps now is the time to give up smoking. Has being indoors more made you realise that now is the time to quit?

coffee time

Getting medical checks

Have you had a smear test recently? If you need one then you can still book in for one, they may need to have everyone wearing masks or similar but put your health first and phone up your GP and ask.

Do you regularly check your breasts? If you don’t then come on, it is really easy to do and so important. Even if this isn’t a change you had considered why not add this one in too? Once a month check yourself at a minimum, maybe make a point of always checking in the shower?

woman checking her breasts
Breast screening is very important for every woman


Do you want to do some form of exercise? You do not have to join a gym you can buy things to do at home or even exercise without any equipment at all. I have lots of posts about exercise here.

Woman sitting doing yoga as this could change your life this summer
Sporty woman sits on a table with her eyes closed and meditates.

Lifestyle changes

Change of job

Do you now think a change of job is needed, or perhaps being furloughed has pushed you into that decision? Check out the local job boards and you may actually be surprised. It is easy to think there are no jobs out there at the moment, but there are. So, maybe a new job could change your life this summer?

Perhaps you need to update your CV? It is not too hard to do and there are lots of places to get advice. Local job boards can help when you register. Do you have a friend who can give you their honest opinion? It is so easy to think negatively of yourself but someone else may remind you of skills and responsibilities you have and have forgotten about!

close up view of a calculator
Close-up view of calculator on white background

Less waste and supporting the environment

Have you realised how much rubbish you actually throw away every week? It is scary when you look at it, isn’t it? I am definitely thinking of ways to reduce waste in the home and anyone can be eco-friendly even on a budget!

I definitely want to try out shampoo bars and buy things with less packaging or at least recyclable packaging. I get a lot of parcels which always come well packaged but I have noticed how many companies use eco-friendly packaging materials now compared to a few years ago.

hand holding a green globe and leaf

More family time

Have you realised you love spending time with your family and realised you should all spend more time at home? Maybe you could use your calendar to schedule some more in now?

Father and Children Lying on Floor
Father and Children Lying on Floor

What changes are you going to make? Check out here what a fellow blogger thinks about his work-life balance.

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