Here I have a fantastic rhyme that tells the story of my guest poster Emily and her post-baby tummy. I am sure that pretty much every mum reading this will have had negative feelings about their post-baby body.

Are they the same as Emily’s though? Do you find mummy tums lovely or stressful? I would love you to have a read and comment with your thoughts. More information about Emily at the end of the post!

A silhouette of a pregnant lady holding her bump.

Mum tums poem

Mummy tums but not as you know,
Not a few extra pounds and stretch marks that show.

Not a oversized top to hide your belly,
To stop it wiggling around and moving like jelly.

“It housed your baby, you should be proud”.
I know that feeling – that huge dark cloud.

Stereotypically we talk about all of the above,
Mummy curves, fuller bodies and finding self love.

But my belly wasn’t big – it wasn’t round.
I didn’t didn’t want to loose a couple of pound.

See, I was quite the opposite when my son arrived.
I was extremely skinny and looked very deprived.

I suffered for nine months pregnant with HG.
My belly whilst carrying felt like the sea.

I couldn’t eat food or even drink a sip.
My health quickly deteriorated like a land slip.

I lost 3 stone becoming scarily underweight,
I didn’t gain a ounce no matter what I ate.

I always looked poorly with my pale ill skin,
I was loosing clumps of hair leaving it incredibly thin.

My boobs however they grew and grew,
Forever I was buying bigger bras all new.

I resembled a pin-up model in a glamorous costume.
But I wasn’t as happy as everyone would assume.

I guess I looked better a stone or two less,
But I wasn’t enjoying it and felt like a mess.

It wasn’t me, I loved my curves.
Being pale and skinny effected my nerves.

I didn’t like the attention or comments it brang.
I liked my wobbly belly and slight overhang.

I didn’t want this new desirable frame.
I just wanted my body to be same.

I wanted my belly and my arm wings.
I wanted more energy to do nice things.

I wanted to feel confident in my own skin.
I actually wished to have my double chin.

My mummy tummy was still kept hidden in clothes,
The oversized dresses and baggy jumpers I chose.

I wanted to be confident in my own skin,
To love my post baby body no matter how thin.

But, I wasn’t happy, I was the lowest I could be,
Emotionally and the reflection i’d see.

Just because I didn’t have excess weight,
Didn’t mean I was happy and always felt great.

My post baby body wasn’t striped or scarred,
I wasn’t carrying pounds but I still found it hard.

So please don’t assume those stick thin mums;
Are happy, confident and love their flat tums.

My body grew my baby and I know that’s cool.
I was being hard on myself, a little too cruel.

But body confidence isn’t just accepting belly rolls,
It’s accepting the changes and being kind to our souls.

Embrace the changes and celebrate your tummies, No matter the size they all made you mummies!

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Emily is a popular blogger who writes everything in rhyme and she does it so amazingly well. Pop over and check out her blog at If you have enjoyed this mummy tums rhyme then do follow her on social media too and say hello! You can find her on Facebook here and over on Instagram here

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