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Plentiful opportunity and a thriving community attract many looking for work to this great northern city, but they aren’t the only ones whose heads have been turned. For those interested, here are some of the most famous celebrities that have been attracted to Liverpool in recent history, for one reason or another. This doesn’t include the Beatles, or football greats such as Steven Gerrard, as they’re kind of self-explanatory.

America in Liverpool

To the locals, Liverpool might seem like perhaps the furthest thing away from America or New York, but surprisingly it is actually a rather popular stand-in location. In the same way that students and professionals look to the north as a means of cheaper living and work, production companies and film studios often look to the city as a cheaper alternative to major city locations that require improbable planning. 

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, was far from his home turf originally, appearing on Liverpool’s iconic Albert dock when filming a 1940’s scene in Captain America: The First Avenger. Considering the dock is the UK’s largest collection of Grade 1 listed buildings, surviving bombings during WWII, it’s a fitting location.

You know some things, Jon Snow

Channel 4’s long-running presenter Jon Snow is best known for being a long-standing news anchor, but did you know that he came to Liverpool in youth? Jon was attracted to the city for educational purposes, becoming a student at the University of Liverpool in 1970. Unfortunately, his studies were cut short when he was kicked out for a rooftop protest, but the broadcaster was brought back in 2011 to be awarded with an honorary degree.

Since the revered journalist and presenter has attended University in the city, Liverpool’s student demand has continued to increase and build, and is now one of the most significant parts of the area’s identity, forming the education sector of the city across its multiple differing university campuses. To accommodate these growing demands, property investment companies like RW Invest are offering city-centre apartments for students, in areas within walking distance of its many facilities.

Football Crazy

Liverpool wouldn’t be the same without its football heritage, and Liverpool F.C has attracted some quite extravagant fans over the years. Science-Fiction scousers will be pleased to know that Star Wars co-stars Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson have a shared affinity for the reds:

  • Liam Neeson has been a long-time fan of Liverpool, and has visited the city to see the club play on numerous occasions. Passionate about the players, he pleaded with club owners to retain legend Steven Gerrard back in 2015. 
  • Samuel L. Jackson grew attached to the city when shooting the film 51st State in 2001 and has stayed a fan of the football team since. Locations for the Liverpool-centred action flick included the River Mersey, Pierhead, Water street, the India Building, and even Anfield stadium itself. Mr Jackson will have been quite familiar with the city by the end of production.

Just do it

Much like the abundance of young, tech-savvy professionals and business startups coming to Liverpool’s Baltic corner, controversial child actor and performance artist Shia Labeouf was also drawn to the city for its media influence. Appearing on two separate occasions at Liverpool’s F.A.C.T (Facility for Art and Creative Technology), Labeouf and his creative partners took phone calls in the museum from the general public, and also used it as a hub for their Anti-Trump ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ project, which was admittedly short-lived.

Still, his activity clearly showcased the city as a thriving hub of innovative, forward-thinking ideas and creative arts.

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