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In the age of technology and gadgets, simple human communication moved to social networks and dating apps. Sometimes, emotions are flowing like crazy. When things get overwhelming, you should take a moment to stop thinking and breathe. Compose yourself and make thoughtful choices.

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The first impressions and thoughts that came up in your head may turn out to be very important and indicative. Therefore, when you decide to use a dating site, you should create a detailed and truthful profile.

According to the research of the site, users will most of all not swipe if there are no exciting photos in the profile and a lot of grammatical mistakes. Let’s check other advice and useful tips to improve your dating profile!

Add a mini-video about yourself

Not surprisingly, a couple of decades ago, a date was a whole event, and preparation for it sometimes took a lot of time. Firstly, it was impossible to take a phone number from a girl you liked.

It was not always possible to have a phone. Or the prospect of explaining to the father or mother of a generally unfamiliar girl why you should go out together was not very pleasing. 

Today, you can use a dating app and meet women online. The best way to be sincere and describe your real intentions is to add as many details as possible.

You can add a mini-video about yourself in your profile. That will help to ice break women’s hearts and introduce yourself better.

Keep your dating profile short and honest

Secondly, it is better to keep your video and profile short and honest. After all, nowadays, women agree on the first date after writing a short message on a dating site.

Therefore, you can add the most essential information about yourself and leave a little bit of a mystery till the first and second dates, so you could have topics to reveal later. The romanticism and touchingness of the first date should not be lost.

Don’t forget to add interests and hobbies

The best way to introduce yourself to the online dating world is to describe your interests and hobbies. Describe what you love to do when you have free time.

As a result, users would be happy to send you a welcome message and to continue communication. If the interests match, users can give each other’s contacts.

On the one hand, it is a convenient way to start a conversation and find common topics. Especially if you live in a big city, where everyone has something interesting to share.

Update your profile with bright and active photos

And now, let’s talk about appearance! People are greeted by clothes, especially on the first date. Of course, we are all great in this regard: right make-up, elegant clothing, pleasant perfume.

However, the best way to show your overall look is by adding your profile photos. You can update your profile with bright and active images to attract more matches.

But you have to add real pictures. Look at your pictures and ask yourself, would you choose to ask this person on a photo to go on a date? And why do you like this photo?

No extra people in your photos. Only you

For the sake of a first impression, some users add fake photos or with different people on a pic. It isn’t obvious. Therefore, no extra people in your profile photos. You should add pics where you are alone on them.

Nice looking, maybe elegant, with a smile and accurate picture will help you win the first date. Add only real photos to your dating profile and be honest if you want to start a serious relationship so they could work out.

Check grammar. Mistakes keep people away

The formula for a successful first date consists of one main component: proper communication. When you find a match online, the first thing you do is start your contact by texting.

You should be polite and try to check your messages before sending them. Check grammar and avoid mistakes. Texting typos and errors keep some people away. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s try to derive a formula for a successful first date. First, be sincere and authentic when describing details in your profile or adding a video about yourself.

Be more straightforward and more natural. It would help if you did not put on the mask: sooner or later, the truth will be revealed. Keep your profile short and exciting.

Second, describe your interests and successes. Take the initiative into our own hands. Respect and assess yourself adequately.

In general, men love girls with whom it is easy to breathe. The same is for women. They try to find a man with whom you do not need to pretend. Follow your every word. In other words – be sincere. Everything else will follow!

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