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Pastoral care is the act of supporting each student’s physical and mental well-being in schools. It gives your child a lot more support through difficult situations, overcoming struggles, but also feeling confident to do whatever it is their heart desires.

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Pre prep schools in London often use pastoral care from a young age with their students, to allow them to develop core skills needed to build confidence and engagement from everyone in the classroom.

In fact, many schools, both public and private, will use pastoral care to support their students.

Here are some key benefits that this form of care brings to students in schools.

Improves attendance and retention

A child that knows they are getting the care and attention they need during school time is a lot more likely to keep coming back to school and enjoying what they are learning.

Pastoral care is in place to protect each individual during school time, and to develop a deeper connection between peers and staff.

Getting to the bottom of these school-related issues can therefore entice students to return to school feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Gives children the strength to move forward

Being able to develop a child’s skills will come naturally if a school regularly uses pastoral care to support their well-being.

Having someone to talk to that will navigate their problems will help children solve problems better, improve their confidence, and have the know-how to overcome difficult scenarios.

It’s good to have your child be challenged in different ways; having an awareness of their feelings and emotions will help push them forward.

Allows parents to put more trust in a school

A school that is known for its high-quality care and support in its children translates into bigger successes and development of its students.

This helps you put a lot more trust in your child’s skills, which boosts morale overall. A good school that employs a quality pastoral care program is oftentimes recommended by parents, and it can land a school in good stead as a result.

You want your child to go to a school that truly has its best intentions for its students all year round.

Pastoral care is an effective way of ensuring that your child is doing the best they can to manage their mental health, while also giving them a new lease on life.

They have a lot more confidence through regularly receiving tailored support and care from trained staff.

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