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Sometimes we spend so long looking out for other people that we forget ourselves. A phrase I love is that you can not pour from an empty cup.

It is so true though. If you wear yourself out looking out for other people you soon will be unable to look after yourself. So today, I am asking you to put yourself first.

lady applying pink lipstick

Putting yourself first and looking good

Do you wear make-up? I usually don’t but I know when I do I feel so much better about myself. It is something I should definitely do more and I believe you should too. Not as a chore but as something to improve the way you see yourself.

Keeping your skin nice is always good as you feel so much better with soft skin, especially your hands. I always prefer a good quality hand cream to make me feel good. This SEAMS couturiers hand cream is lovely and I would totally recommend it as a treat to yourself.

seams hand cream box

Another thing you can do to feel better about the way you look and love yourself is colouring or styling your hair. It is so easy to scrape up your hair in a ponytail or mum-bun but actually taking the time to do something different can really improve your happiness and wellbeing that day.

Do you often buy gifts for others but not yourself? Today pop online and treat yourself to something. Maybe a new lipstick or some new earrings. They don’t need to be expensive but a treat that is just for you. I love these good thoughts good deeds tops.

woman checking her breasts
Breast test, woman examining her breasts for cancer

Keeping on top of your health

If you cut your leg you would know about it and if serious seek medical help. This does not mean it is more important than other health issues.

Mental health is just as important. It is ok to be struggling and have depression. You can be helped and these feelings will not last forever.

Do not forget to check for issues too, checking your breasts every month, at the same point of your menstrual cycle is really important. You could spot the early signs of breast cancer and a few minutes once a month could save your life.

woman with hands on her breasts checking them
Breast screening is very important for every woman

Don’t forget your intimate health too. If you notice any changes down below they need to be checked out too. It may be embarrassing having tests and smears but it has to be better than becoming ill doesn’t it? Putting yourself first and making time for these appointments is really important. Many clinics are open a variety of hours so there really is no excuse.

Putting yourself first every day

Every day, do one thing that is only for you and does not benefit anyone else in any way. It sounds selfish but it really isn’t and could make such a difference to your mindset.

What can you do today to make sure you put yourself first and do at least one thing that is good for you so that you are not pouring from an empty cup? Today I will be buying myself something nice, possibly a new Pandora charm.

I have also signed up with Coppafeel to get a monthly text reminding me to check my breasts. If you want to sign up to get the texts to then just visit their website to sign up and enter your details.

Have a relaxing home

If you can not relax at home then there is no way you can be putting yourself first. Sitting and watching the TV with clutter around you is depressing and we don’t want that do we? Buying plants for your home can make a difference to how you feel or perhaps treat yourself to a bunch of flowers.

Having something from nature in your home will always lift your mood. Whether that be flowers, fish tanks, plants or a conservatory that makes you feel like you are outside it will make a big difference and is one simple way of putting yourself first.

You are amazing, remember that. Putting yourself first does not change that.

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