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As some of you may know from comments I have made in previous posts, my son Ben has severe allergies. He has had anaphylaxis before which is a life-threatening reaction and being concerned about allergens has become a normal part of life for us. Wherever he goes he has to carry adrenaline autoinjectors, otherwise known as Epi-pens.

Woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg
A woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg

Ben’s allergies

We know that Ben has some food allergies, particularly to cinnamon which is a very severe allergy. He also suffers from hay fever and some sort of household allergies which we are going through various tests for.

In the meantime, we are trying to be very careful about what he is exposed to. With allergies like this, we always have to be ready for an emergency with the epi-pens!

Living room in luxury home with cherry wood flooring
Living room in luxury home with cherry wood flooring

Making changes to keep Ben well

With Ben having such a high risk of anaphylaxis we have obviously made huge changes to the food we allow in the house to reduce the risks. When visiting friends or family we have to be sure they are aware too and eating out, of course, is hard too.

There are many changes to things in the house we have also looked into to reduce the allergens Ben is exposed to. Some are much harder to put into practice than others but all are a work in progress. I wanted to share some of the practical changes we have looked into for him at home.

Green grass and sky at beautiful sunny day.
Green grass and sky a beautiful sunny day.

Changes around the home to reduce allergens

The flooring in your home can make a big difference. Carpets hold a lot of the allergens from the air and even when regularly vacuumed can harbour dust and allergens. By opting for wood flooring you eliminate these things as much as possible.

Many soft furnishings have the same problem. Choosing easy-to-clean cushion covers and things like vinyl or leather furniture can make a difference too. Even if you just add pillow protectors etc and regularly wash your duvet this will make a difference.

Reducing clutter and anything which gathers dust like blinds can make a difference too. I have recently bought Ben new bedroom furniture so he has lots of storage and it is easier to keep clean.

He also has a fan in his room so on high pollen days does not need to have his window open.

Changes to the garden to prevent allergies

I am allergic to a type of grass called ryegrass. If I sit on the grass for long I get blotchy and rash. This also happens if I am wearing sandals on the grass.

For me, and of course Ben with his hay fever, we have this year decided to get artificial grass for the back garden. Whilst you can get grass seed without rye it just seemed easiest to go with artificial! I can’t wait to share pictures with you all soon.

Next year I plan to do the front garden in a stepped gravel/patio-type design instead of grass. We live on a hill so it is a slope which is a nightmare with the lawnmower!

By the end of next year, we aim to have all new flooring in the house and both gardens lovely. Of course, if we get a windfall though it will be sooner!

We recently reviewed an air purifier to see if this helps Ben with his allergies and talked in more detail about his environmental allergies and hay fever. Why not pop over and read my air purifier review?

On one of my other blogs, Live the easy life, I wrote about how you can reduce hay fever flair-ups, pop over and check that out too.

Do you know how to test for allergies and the different options available? I share our family allergies and how you can get allergy testing if you are unsure.

If you found this helpful please share!

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