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Working out is hard enough at the best of times, without the floor you’re doing it on working against you too. It may seem pretty petty to focus on the flooring of your workout space.

The truth is that the floor you use for your home gym or workout area can greatly impact the efficiency of the space, not to mention the comfort of your workout. Here are three of the best home workout floor ideas and why they will help you. 

Exercise and Equipment

Rubber flooring

Step into most commercial gyms and you’ll be met by rubber flooring. Easy to install, super long-lasting and grippy even when sweaty, rubber flooring is a popular option because it can withstand the use of heavy equipment and also provide some cushioning for your joints during higher-impact workouts.

Available in both rolls and tiles, rubber floors can be easily cut and installed on your own at home and can also be laid straight down on top of hard floors or concrete without any preparation underneath.

If you live in a flat or have neighbours, then rubber flooring is also a fantastic sound insulator and will absorb many of the thumps, thuds and bumps caused by weight lifting and other gym equipment.

The only downside to rubber flooring is that it’s not that aesthetically pleasing and you’ll need to pay a premium if you want to branch out from beige or black into brighter colours. 

Vinyl flooring

If you don’t have the luxury of converting your garage into a home gym, then you’ll need your workout flooring to also be multifunctional as a living space. Vinyl flooring is a great option for people that want liveable flooring that is also perfect for working out on.

Affordable, durable and easy to clean, vinyl flooring comes in hundreds, if not thousands, of different styles, colours and patterns, and you can even get realistic wood or stone vinyl flooring from companies such as Karndean.

The downside to vinyl flooring is that it isn’t as cushioned as rubber flooring, so you may want to use a cushioned mat when doing higher impact activities and you also won’t want to be dropping weights onto it as it could rip or tear.

Foam floor squares

This last option is ideal for people that don’t want to spend a lot of money, want something well-cushioned and also need something that is moveable. Foam floor tiles come in a  number of different sizes and styles, from colourful puzzle pieces to plain black squares.

Super simple to install, simply lay the foam tiles down together where you intend to use them and then take them apart if you ever want to move them or store them away. Versatile, sound-insulating and providing great shock absorption, foam flooring is as perfect for the garage as it is for the living room. 

So there you have it – three of the best flooring options for your home gym or workout space. Which would you like to work out?

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