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In a few weeks, I am going to be 40. An age I have dreaded becoming for a few years now but actually, I am starting to think it will be ok. After all, some people never get to become 40 so it is something I should be celebrating. The end of 40 trips around the sun. It doesn’t sound long at all when you look at it that way, does it?

A pink cake with happy birthday candles in front of marble background
Pink birthday cake with gold happy birthday candles

Gifts I just can’t have

There are so many things I would love for my birthday turning 40 that I just can not have. My Grandma died earlier this year and more than anything I would love her back, even just for a day.

Sadly I know this can not happen. My Grandma would have been 90 a few weeks after she died, I hope I can live to a good age like that. She had so many stories to tell and was absolutely my inspiration.

Another gift I would love but is unrealistic is to have my skinny body back again. I am trying to be good to get back there but there is no way I could achieve that in the next few weeks.

Perhaps if a few months ago I had thought this through I could be a lot thinner than I am now! In the meantime I am going to look at dream holidays for my bucket list with the Ecuadorian Amazon being somewhere I would absolutely love to visit.

I never wanted a big party for my birthday as that just isn’t my thing but I have to admit that Covid-19 has stopped me from having the sort of birthday I would have loved, a nice big meal of close family.

Though I still intend to see them all just at separate times throughout the week. I guess it means I get to stretch my birthday over a week or so though which is good.

My dream 40th

The way I am hoping my 40th will be is a few of little meals out with close family and friends and some Zoom calls with drinks to celebrate.

I love trying different drinks so may have a different one for each zoom call! I have seen lots of gins I would love to try and even a whisky-tasting set, I do quite like my whisky!

I do love it with a splash of lemonade though, I am not sure I can drink it straight! Turning 40 could be ok after all!

pile of books on a wooden desktop

Gifts I am hoping I receive

Charms for my Pandora bracelet – I love my bracelet so would love more special charms for it.

Gin – I love all the tasty flavoured gins, especially the recent bottle of Jaffa Cake Gin I loved but recently finished.

Personalised gifts – I am a big fan of anything personalised whether that be a homemade card or a special photo in a frame.

Books – I love reading and whilst I have a big pile of books waiting to be read I always love new ones. I am a fan of crime books and psychological type thrillers.

Gadgets for the kitchen – I love cooking and always like useful gadgets for the kitchen. I am really keen on the Ninja Foodi but not sure I can justify buying one. If I was given one though I would love it! I am not sure I would use all of it’s functions but it looks amazing!

A new tattoo – I have a tattoo I am not keen on and would love it to be covered. The problem is I am not 100% sure what I want it to be covered with which is why it is still there. Maybe if I could chat with an amazing tattoo artist they could help me design something perfect.

Plants – I love plants but can never keep them alive. I would love for someone to take control and get me plants that I could manage and give me all the instructions I need to keep them alive! Something that looks pretty but is easy to care for would be perfect for me.

Are you 40 yet? Did you enjoy turning 40 or perhaps were initially not keen like me?

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