We all know that we should be cutting down our use of plastic. One of the plastic things that we use a lot of but might not realise is cling film sometimes called a plastic wrap. Cling film is a convenient way of keeping food fresh but there are alternatives to using cling film. Here is a list of a few of the best alternatives to plastic wrap or what to use instead of cling film.

Tin Foil

Tin foil is similar to cling film but better for the environment. This is because most tin foil can be recycled. Try to buy a pack with the recycling logo on it so it can go on to become something else. Which is much better for the environment so a great cling film alternative.

Tin Foil is stronger than cling and so can be reused. You can wipe tin foil down with a cloth and leave it to air dry. This means you can use the same piece of tin foil to hold your sandwich all week. This not only helps the environment but will save you money.


Rather than cover open packets with cling film, put the contents into jars. When you use a jar for cooking, wash it out and keep it for later. Then when you open a packet but don’t use the whole packet, put the remaining in a jar to use at a later date. This is perfect for things like cereals, pasta or rice.

We use a lot of jars so they are always readily available. They are also easy to wash when you have finished with the contents and used again and again. As they are so reusable they are a perfect alternative to cling film.


Tupperware is a perfect alternative to plastic wrap. These are still made of plastic but some can be recycled. However, unlike cling film, these are easily washed and this means they can be used again. Many are also microwave safe. Tupperware can come in many sizes so you can get some that are perfect for all foodstuffs.

Tupperware is also perfect for transporting food. For example, don’t take a sandwich wrapped in cling film, take a sandwich in a Tupperware box. It is better for the environment and your sandwich won’t be battered on the way in the way it is with plastic wrap.

You can pick up packs of Tupperware in your local supermarket or bargain store. You can get cheap ones that are clear or pay a little more for ones with fun designs.

Silicone Food Wrappers

There are many designs of silicone food wrappers available. These fall into 2 types. Stretch covers are the first type. This is the most similar to cling film. As these can be stretched over the item to keep it fresh. The second type is harder silicone which can fit over the top of bowls like a lid to make an airtight seal.

Silicone food wrappers are a good alternative to cling film as they are reusable and long-lasting. However, they are similar to cling film in the sense that they are not recyclable or biodegradable. Although these are not the best option, they are still better than cling film and plastic wrap.

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a popular alternative to cling film. They cling to an item just like cling film. You simply mould the wrap around the desired food item or container. They are reusable and biodegradable. So they are so much better for the environment

Beeswax wraps come in a variety of sizes. They also come in a variety of designs. They are not clear like cling film and plastic wrap or blank such as tinfoil. You can get a pattern or design that you like. Some companies even make wraps designed for children. These have designs such as dinosaurs on them.

Beeswax wraps are not vegan. But some companies have made vegan versions too. These are the same but use vegan wax. They are still good for the environment. The only disadvantage to these beeswax wraps is that they can cost more than other alternatives to cling film.

Alternatives To Cling Film

There are many alternatives to cling film. If you are looking to save money reusing old jars or Tupperware is your best option as these are the cheapest. However, if you are most concerned with the environment your best option is the beeswax wraps. This is because they are reusable and biodegradable.

Whatever option you choose, it will be a better alternative to cling film or plastic wrap.

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