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One thing about stretch marks – they do not discriminate. Stretch marks will appear on the skin of men and women regardless of how well you eat, your activity levels, or your skin care regimen.

In today’s age of the ‘self-love’ movement, many are fighting to accept all of the little imperfections they get, and stretch marks are part of that too.

People call them “tiger stripes” or “lightning bolts”, which is a great way to put it. However, many still battle with this insecurity, and there is no shame in that. 

You can love yourself and still want to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are kind of self-explanatory. They are a result of rapid skin stretching or shrinking which leaves a sort of scar. They typically show up as groups of lines across your skin. 

Even though men can also get stretch marks, they are more likely to appear on a woman’s skin due to the different changes a woman’s body goes through. This especially goes for pregnant women.

According to Healthline, you will most likely see them on your stomach, thighs, upper arms, and breasts. It is true that they are harmless, but sometimes, you just wish they weren’t there. You might not be able to get rid of them completely, but there are steps and products to use in order to help them fade out. 

Tips and tricks against stretch marks

The main thing you need to do to help stretch marks disappear is aid collagen production. Sure, you can get supplements, but to maximize their absorption you will need to use the right products.

These should be included in your regular skincare routine. When showering, try to look for sulfate-free gels from Cradle and Tonic, which won’t be drying out the skin. It needs all the moisture it can get, and ingredients such as aloe vera are a bonus. 

Body oils are a must. This can not be emphasized enough, since body oils will help rebuild skin elasticity. It is best to choose one that is enriched with antioxidants, as they brighten, soften and hydrate the skin all in one. 

Exfoliation will not directly make much of a difference when it comes to visibly minimizing stretch marks, but it is important since it will elevate the absorption of all the other products you are nurturing the skin with.

Another flaw that stretch marks bring is itchiness. If you have certain skin areas that need extra love, apply the moisturizing Balm to that spot to combat the dryness and ensure additional nourishment. 

There’s more…

A natural shower gel, body oil, and exfoliation are essential in order to get rid of stretch marks. However, you can add some extra steps to your routine if you are serious about reducing them.

Retinol-enhanced products and hyaluronic acid will help, but pregnant women need to check if they are suitable. This is a process, and if you are impatient, a little self-tanner will help mask the scars in visible areas. 

Stretch marks or not, feeding your skin with natural products will always be the right choice. 

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