It is a long time since I was at university, I was thinking the other day, I started 20 years ago, time flies! Student life is something really not to be missed in my opinion and if you study at university you just have to do these things to really experience it properly.

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The nightlife

I loved the nightlife of the university, probably spending a little too much time drinking but it was great. A perfect way to make friends and let your hair down after a hard day studying.

University is one time in your life when you are likely to have limited responsibilities. If you don’t have children it is perfect for being young and having fun before the more serious years start!

Student accommodation

Living in student halls of residence really is an experience I will never forget. A perfect way to get to know people and have independence.

There were so many hilarious dramas in student halls with fire alarms, seeing people returning from nights out the next morning, and parties.

If you are considering student accommodation then check out what is available at your university. Some universities have their own accommodation, while others can be found by searching for example Student accommodation Sheffield.

Fresher’s week

However shy you are you really should give freshers’ week a try. The perfect way to join groups and get to know people you will regret not trying it I promise you.

I joined the real ale group, and despite not drinking real ale it was great. Full of fun people who enjoyed a night out and having fun. I think I joined other groups but don’t remember anymore so they can’t have been as good.

Fresher’s fair was great too. A huge hall full of companies and shops giving you freebies and telling you about the different student offers they had. Even in future years if you can sneak into the fresher’s fair for free random goodies it’s worth it.

We were issued personal alarms in the first year too which was really beneficial. Suddenly you are walking everywhere late at night in a strange city, and that reassurance made all the difference.

Lifelong friends

Living away from home and all you know brings lots of challenges but also some great times too. I have a few acquaintances and one good friend from university.

People you meet can be from all different walks of life, studying all manner of subjects and somehow you make amazing friends.

Crazy food and drinks

When living on a budget and choosing between a night out and eating a great meal the night out usually wins. The number of times I and my friends ate cheap pasta and tomato sauce or beans on toast so we could go out is scary. Probably didn’t help my weight either!

Drinking before nights out is key to avoiding spending much and then the alcohol content is always important. In my first year, I drank copious amounts of cheap martini/vermouth as it was good value and just about tolerable!

Have you been to university? Would you agree these elements of your studies really made it a memorable experience? Do comment below and let me know your student memories!

5 elements of student life you just can't miss

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