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As soon as the kids go to high school they suddenly become fashion and style conscious. Everything about them and what they like changes. They seem to grow up overnight and you are left with not knowing what to buy them for birthdays and Christmas. Gifts for style-conscious teens don’t have to be hard!

Teens also see named labels and want them to fit in with their friends. These named products can be expensive, but we have found some great affordable gift ideas for you to buy.

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6 ideas for gifts for style-conscious teens


This is one of the best ways to ensure that teens get their designer labels but at an affordable price. You might not be able to afford a Hugo Boss suit but you can buy Hugo Boss aftershave.

In the run-up to Christmas, you can get a lot of good fragrances on half-price offers. Black Friday deals are on now, and then Cyber Monday offers more good deals.

Both Boots and Superdrug have weekly offers on their Fragrance counters, but you will find that once they have sold out, you won’t get them that cheap again.


Jewellery is a very personal thing and when it comes to buying your teen boy a gift. But if you are buying them jewellery, make sure you buy them something to suit their personality a Cuban link chain. This kind of chain is a favourite amongst teens because it is a very versatile piece of jewellery. It is an iconic piece of men’s fashion and the hip hop culture in America.

An alternative to the link chain is a Tennis Chain. These chains are inspired by tennis bracelets. Although they were first designed as an accessory for your wrist, they have become very popular as chains for your neck. A tennis chain is a chain that has small diamonds and precious stones, that are connected by precious metal chains. Jewellery can be both fashionable and affordable gift ideas for style-conscious teen boys.

Tk Maxx Vouchers

Teen boys fashion changes all the time and if you buy the wrong clothes, they will shove them in the bottom of their wardrobe and they will never be seen again. Buying a voucher from Tk Maxx means they can go and choose their own designer clothes at affordable prices. Even better, they can go shopping in the after Christmas sales and get more for their money.

I know giving a voucher doesn’t look much, but you could also buy them a small gift from Tk Maxx to wrap with it.

Drifting Or Driving Experience Voucher

All teens dream of the day they can learn to drive. So with experience gifts from Virgin Experiences, they can drive on a race track with an instructor. Or if they like speed, they can be a passenger whilst they go drifting around a race track. They have a short safety briefing before they get in the car and enjoy as their driver takes the wheel, drifting and sliding the car from one side to another. Then takes long drifts around the bends and sharp corners. The best thing is that drifting experiences start as low as £12.50.

If drifting isn’t their thing, then there are so many other experiences to try.

Funky Socks From Fat Face

Fat Face is a good brand to buy for your style-conscious teen, it is fun as well as fashionable. teens always need socks and these ones from Fat Face are both affordable and fun. With a price tag starting at £7, they are perfect gifts. If you are looking for something more than socks, there is a huge selection of things to buy on the website.

Male Grooming Products

As they hit their teens, boys and young men start to think more about their appearance and that means grooming too. Mankind sells some great products on their website from brands such as Bulldog, American Crew and Clinique For Men. As well as a selection of fine fragrances from fashionable brands. Perfect as gift ideas for your style-conscious teen boys.

If lockdown taught us anything, it is that you need to learn to cut your own hair! This is easier for boys and men, especially with some of the proper equipment. Wahl Clippers are the brand that even professional barbers use in their salons. You can get a decent set of clippers for around £20.

Has this given you some ideas of what to buy as gifts for style-conscious teens? If you have any other ideas do let me know in the comments below.

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