I was given a free eye test and glasses from Vision Express in return for sharing my experience with you. All views are my own.

I have never had my eyes tested or looked at Vision Express. This is purely because Ben had initially gone to a different opticians so when I needed glasses I went to the same one as him for convenience. For many reasons I have been unimpressed with my previous opticians so was happy to try out Vision Express.

rows and rows of glasses on white background

The Vision Express Eye Test

At This Morning Live at the Birmingham NEC, I was lucky enough to have my eyes tested on the Vision van by Visiion Express. I found the assistant and optician both extremely knowledgeable and the whole test was quick and smooth.

I had concerns about my vision as in the last 18 months I have had 2 eye examinations and on both occasions, my opticians told me I needed new glasses. Not only is this expensive but I also felt it surely unlikely that my eyes were changing this quickly.

The optician explained that whilst my prescription has changed it is by half or a quarter of a point each time. This, she said, meant that the likely difference to me was very little.

In future, she advised that I should ask (if I am not shown) to try both my current and the changed lenses in the test and see if I can see any difference. If I can not then there is no need for new glasses. Sometimes it may just make things ever so slightly sharper.

I left the Vision Van with my prescription to then attend a shop at my convenience if I wished to choose glasses.

Jen wearing glasses outside in front of brown fence

Choosing glasses in the store

When I visited my local store in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire I found the experience really good. All the staff were helpful and I was assisted to choose glasses to suit me and my needs. As I already have a red pair and a black pair that I now know I can still use I opted to try on other colours.

The variety was great with designer frames as well as cheaper frames so something for everyone. Also available is a big selection of frames which you can get two for £99. I was quite indecisive but the staff were very helpful and didn’t rush me but helped me choose a selection to shortlist.

The frames I decided on are in the photo of me above. I hope you like them as much as I do. They are Tommy Hilfiger frames with my lenses in with the added anti-glare coating. The total cost was £168 which for designer frames, lenses and the coating I found very reasonable.

I was even more impressed that they could be made for me right away! I am used to my usual opticians making an appointment for me to collect a week later.

After half an hour of wandering around local shops, I returned to get my glasses. They were adjusted slightly to ensure they were comfortable and sat correctly on my face.

In around an hour, I had chosen glasses and got them to take away. Great for a busy working mum like me.

I would thoroughly recommend Vision Express based on my experiences as I found them helpful. Rather than just telling me I needed new glasses they thoroughly explained the difference.

New glasses with Vision Express

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  1. Avoid vision express at all costs.

    You really must be joking . Vision express are a joke . They are expensive and over rated . They rush the eye test without letting . They don’t explain anything what the individual test are for .Then after the test they leave you hanging around for a one and half
    hour without letting you know what is happening with your case . They scr*w you to see that they can get as much money out of you . There is no customer services and they really are not disabilities aware as they
    don’t allow the extra time for disable person with the whole process from the start of eye sight test to selecting frame . Nothing is explain . It a case of get you in the door then do the eye sight test as quickly as possible without any customer care . Then scr*w as much money out of you .

  2. Just bought from vision express and I’m totally happy with them . I have worn glasses for about 40 years and for the first time I understood my examination. I felt they listened and understood the problems I had with my eyes . And when I got my new glasses i was not disappointed. I could actually read everything on the card from the very smallest to the largest. My glasses fit perfectly, i could use the my varifocal lenses. With ease. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

  3. In all of the years I have work glasses I have never given Vision Express a go. I think Boots mug me off every time I go and my eye test is due soon so I might try them. Boots wanted £140 once to fix a scratch on ONE lens!