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Planning a wedding is a stressful affair, whether you have an entire year to plan it or just 3 months. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can plan a memorable wedding even if you have just three months to get everything done.

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Here’s a 3-month wedding planning checklist and some tips to remember as you count down to the most important day of your life.

Consider Your Goals.

Hold up, don’t go clicking on Instagram for inspiration just yet. The first thing you might want to do after the engagement is to discuss your wedding goals with your spouse.

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page by taking a moment to write down your preferences. Everything from the choice of wedding DJ to the wedding caterer, venue, and the like should be discussed and agreed on by the couple to prevent any last-minute surprises.

Some husbands-to-be may not care about the wedding flowers or cake but may like to use traditional wedding accessories that have been in the family for generations. Likeness brides may have some preferences that need to be discussed before the wedding.

Examples of some of the most important goals to discuss are what kind of ceremony you’ll prefer, whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding and whether you want a small “intimate” wedding of close friends and family members or a large formal gathering. Consider whether the ceremony will take place in the morning or afternoon and whether you want to travel somewhere special for the wedding or honeymoon.

Decide on a Date

When you’re planning a wedding on a tight deadline, everything has to be done with a sense of urgency. The most urgent of them all is picking a date.

Wedding venues and vendors are often booked months in advance, so you’ll need to know your wedding date as soon as possible to get this taken care of. Discuss with your spouse and family and make sure everyone that’s most important to you will be available on said date.

Consider a Budget Review

Budget is one of the only factors that could potentially ruin your plans of having a wedding in 3 months’ time. To have a stress-free wedding, be proactive about getting quotes, confirming guest numbers, picking dresses, or looking at catering options.

Most importantly, have a budget to guide you on these expenses so that you do not overspend. Since your wedding is short-term, you might have to spend a little more money booking these services on such a short-term, so ensure that your budget reflects this.

When preparing a budget, pick a reasonable figure for each expense and factor in some wiggle room. Try not to go over the figure on your budget for any expense. Spending twice the budget venue on a venue will have you skimping on caterers. If there’s something that’s going to cost too much, consider going without that for the wedding.

Write Down Everything

If you try to have every appointment or your to-do list memorized, chances are you’ll forget a lot of things due to the stress of planning a wedding. Write everything down in your planner or download a free wedding planning tool online.

Make sure that none of the major building blocks of your big day falls through the cracks by prioritising your list in order of importance (cost, dates, courts, venue, guest list, invitations, dress, etc.) Many people have forgotten to get a marriage license before their wedding due to a failure to multitask effectively.

Ask for assistance

Ask for assistance from friends and family. They could take over errands such as sending out invitations, planning a bridal shower, or even just being there to offer encouraging feedback and suggestions. Find bridesmaids and groomsmen who will be happy to assist you.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Here is a checklist to tick through at the different stages of your wedding planning adventure.

At Three-Two Months

It’s recommended that you finalize all the major plans three months before the big day. You ought to have completed the following by this time:

  • Secure all of the important accessories and service providers, including the wedding dress, tux, venue, camera crew, wedding DJ, decorators, and caterers.
  • The guest list should be finalized.
  • Book your hairstylist and makeup artist recommendations, as well as schedule your trials.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans.
  • Decide with the officiating priests on readings you’d like for your ceremony.
  • Send out invites while giving your guests at least 8 weeks to respond.
  • Ensure plans for the bachelor and bachelorette parties are underway if you’d like to enjoy these events. 
  • Finalize dress alterations
  • Wedding rings should be purchased at this time.
  • Apply for a marriage license

Last Minute Details

Here are a couple of last-minute details you must finalize before the wedding.

  • Make sure your vendors have everything they need to pull off the event, including a confirmed headcount, seating chart, delivery information, and schedule for the day.
  • Gather your spouse’s and your wedding outfits, including underwear, and pack for the big day and your honeymoon.
  • Polish your wedding vows and toast. 
  • Complete the look for the bridal party.
  • Verify flower and centrepiece arrangements.
  • Do a wedding rehearsal so that everyone knows their role on the big day.


With a tight wedding deadline, one must be flexible and willing to make adjustments. If you have your heart set on a venue that’s not available for 8 months, you may have to find another place you love that’ll let you book on short notice.

While the success of your wedding is in the details, there might be a few overlooked details at the end of the day, and that’s still okay as long as everyone still has fun. Once you’ve pulled off everything on this wedding checklist, you’ll be able to pull off a beautiful wedding.

Above all else, savour the moment. The last few months or weeks have likely flown by in a whirlwind as you’ve prepared for your wedding, so remember to relax on your wedding day and just enjoy the day.

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