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Thinking of stocking up on adult beverages for the weekend or heading out to one of your local bars? You may want to rethink which types of drinks you choose. Although beer is a popular alcoholic drink, wine can actually be better for your body. Here’s why!

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Craft beer’s Disadvantages

One of the main distinctions between beer and wine is that the serving size for one beer is larger than that of wine. One glass of craft beer is equal to 12 ounces while one glass of wine contains 5 ounces. This larger serving size can translate to more calories. And, drinking extra calories without adjusting your eating habits can lead to weight gain. 

Beer is also carbonated, which can aggravate or cause indigestion. As you drink more beer in one sitting, your chances of experiencing heartburn and stomach troubles go up. The majority of beers contain gluten so it can trigger a reaction if you’re sensitive to wheat or have a condition like Celiac disease.

Beer’s carbonation also increases bloating while drinking. People who hate that bloating sensation would have an easier time drinking a few glasses of white wine than a few beers.

The Advantages of Wine

No alcohol is perfect, but wine does have some advantages over beer. Unless you choose a sparkling wine, there’s no carbonation that will cause indigestion. You’ll consume fewer calories per serving and most wines don’t contain large amounts of gluten. 

Additionally, you can gain the benefits of antioxidants when you drink red wines like pinot noir and chianti. Red wines contain anti-inflammatory chemicals that can lower your risks for conditions such as heart disease. These antioxidants can also mitigate the effects of diabetes and slow down the ageing process. 

There is some evidence that white wine can also provide some health benefits. Some white wines also have antioxidants similar to those found in olive oils. Moderate consumption of white wines may also help with weight loss. So, if you are watching your weight, it may be worth reaching for a glass of California Chardonnay rather than a beer.

Things to Keep in Mind

Whether you choose a beer, wine, or another type of alcoholic beverage, drinking in excess can cause the dreaded hangover or worse. So, this article is recommending moderation.  However, that very moderation will help you slow down and enjoy your drink.  

Generally, a wine is made for sipping. So, maybe choosing wine over a beer can help a person slow down and enjoy their drink more.


Wine, in general, can be a healthier choice than beer. Red wine, in particular, has shown more promise in studies about potential health benefits associated with antioxidants. The reasons why beer can be more detrimental to your body have to do with its ingredients and serving size. It’s easier for people to drink more alcohol and consume additional calories with beer.

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