It is ages since I have written a personal post and one just about me. There have been a lot of new readers lately so I just wanted to say hi and share a bit more about me for you guys but also for those more established readers time to find out a few things about me, you might not already know.

I think that is what makes Just Average Jen a bit different to other food and recipe sites in that it isn’t just food and recipes, it is personal. There is just me behind it and a few awesome people that help me with things like sending the weekly email etc because I just don’t have enough hands!

Jen and her partner Stuart smiling at the camera
A recent photo of myself and Stuart.

Jen in 2023 – where am I?

So, again I am in a position where I want to lose some weight. I have bought a cross trainer and we have built a gym in the garden so I am very determined. That said I haven’t been well so it will be a while before I can use it.

At Christmas, I caught a nasty bug which I never got fully better from before getting covid in late January. This then turned into covid pneumonia and I spent a week in our local hospital on oxygen and a whole cocktail of medicines. I am back home now but recovery is going to be slow as I have significant scarring on my lungs and due to my severe asthma they are not the healthiest lungs anyway!

15 things you might not know about me!

Some of these I may have previously shared, and others may be completely new to you but either way here are 20 things about me that might surprise you!

  • I love listening to audiobooks as whilst I like reading I never really make time for it so audiobooks whilst I work is something I enjoy. The last book I listened to was Find her alive by Diane Saxon. It is a good book and also free if you have Kindle unlimited. I am also a huge fan of true crime Youtube videos, books and tv shows. It is something I have loved since I was young as I am just fascinated with what drives people to commit crimes.
  • I wear colourful leggings most days! When I was younger I used to wear so much black but these leggings really changed my outlook and when I wear them I feel amazing.
  • I hate mayonnaise! Many people love it but I genuinely can’t stand it! I do however like egg mayonnaise sandwiches if they aren’t too mayonnaise-y! I also hate mushy peas but eat Mushy Pea curry!
  • I am currently writing a novel and I go to a writing group. If you are in the Mansfield area and would like to join do let me know and I will send you the details, we meet once a month.
  • I love Countdown numbers and my favourite subject at school was maths!
  • I am allergic to ryegrass and if I sit or lie on grass I get a nasty itchy rash! I am also allergic to all the decent painkillers so can’t have ibuprofen, tramadol, codeine, or any of the opioids so when I am unwell or have an operation I am a doctor’s nightmare!
  • I can’t swim and I am absolutely petrified of drowning! I have tried before to learn but it just doesn’t work I am too scared. I am 42 now so maybe I can just go through life never able to swim!
  • I have three tattoos, none of which I particularly like so I am planning on having them changed and covered up but I can’t decide what with! Inspire me, what do you have tattoos of, let me know in the comments!
  • I have always lived in the UK but have never actually been to Scotland or Wales, excluding going to Gretna Green! I am planning on changing that though and would love to visit both properly.
  • I am a woman with size 9 feet which I absolutely hate but I know it is partly due to being tall so I guess it is just in my genes!
gin cocktail
  • I have a bar full of various alcoholic drinks but only drink about 10 times a year! My ultimate favourite has to be Jaffa Cake Gin! That is something about me anyone coming to my house would be puzzled by given the huge full drinks cabinet!
  • I was born in Essex and lived there until I was almost 6 so I am officially an Essex girl! That said, I have never watched an episode of The Only Way Is Essex!
  • I went to university in Sunderland and studied psychology. I probably spent as much time there in the pub as I did in the university, maybe that is why I rarely drink now!
  • I hardly ever wear make-up and jewellery. I do like both but as I work from home and on my own most of the time I just never bother putting it on! I would love to be good at make-up though and be one of those people that looks totally different with make-up on!
  • I have counselling/therapy every week. I pay for this privately and it is something I think is really important as I have ongoing mental health issues due to PTSD and am a true believer that investing in yourself is never a bad thing. I am very open about this because I don’t think it is something that anyone should be ashamed of. I talk about it just as much as talking about my asthma because both are things out of my control.

Is there anything there that has surprised you? Do you want to ask me anything? Feel free to pop it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer!

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