The Airthings wave mini was sent to me in return for sharing a review of it with you. All opinions are my own.

I spend most of my time in the house, working from home means that is the way. Mostly I love the home comforts but it can be a pain too. I am the one responsible for things like heating and such like.

Interestingly, I have often wondered what the air quality was like and didn’t really know how to find out. For that reason, I was very intrigued by what this little gadget would tell me!

Airthings wave mini

What is the Airthings wave mini?

Quite simply it is an air quality monitor for in the home. A small gadget which is discreet and can stand anywhere to monitor the humidity or temperature easily.

It also monitors TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) which are a combination of gases and odours emitted from many different toxins and chemicals found in everyday products.

screenshot of the temperature

What does it measure?

These VOC’s can have short and long term effects depending on how high the levels are. The best way to imagine this is that your home is being cluttered up every day by chemicals released from everyday items and even cleaning products.

If your levels are high the easiest thing to do is to ventilate your house more effectively. Avoiding new products or chemicals will reduce the VOC’s in your home in the longer term too.

The Airthings wave mini can also tell you the average temperature in the room and humidity. Both of course are mostly down to comfort but can also affect your health especially if humidity levels are high due to damp.

Airthings wave mini with green light illuminated

How did we get on with it?

The Airthings wave mini is extremely easy to set up and literally takes a matter of minutes.

We took a few attempts at moving it before we settled on somewhere suitable but as it is wireless that really is easily done. The easy-to-use app tells you the average for the last 48 hours, week, month or year.

The gadget itself completely blends in wherever you put it. The indicator light on the front only shows when you move something in front of it quite closely. I thought this was great as it meant it did not constantly annoy me with the light flashing on and of course, the batteries will last longer!

We did discover increases in the TVOC reading in the evenings which probably coincided with less fresh air with windows shut, cooking food and all of us breathing in the same room!

app showing humidity levels

Where can you buy the Airthings Wave Mini?

This great little gadget can easily be bought directly from the Airthings website here. It is also available on Amazon. The recommended retail price is £79. The range by Airthings also includes other air monitoring devices so do check them out here.

screenshot of app showing TVOC levels.

Airthings Wave Mini - An honest review of the air quality monitor

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