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As you know my blog is a job for me and I work from home. Until recently I had been just working on my laptop sitting on the sofa with music or the TV on in the background. I thought this was comfortable and all I needed but decided to try a desk and work area after being told by numerous people it wasn’t good for my back on the sofa!

An orange notebook, pen and black mouse

Home Office Equipment

To help me to work more efficiently, instead of having lots of windows open on one screen we bought two new monitors and a Kensington docking station. This means that I can have different windows open on different screens. Initially I did not think this would be of any benefit to me and that I would not need it. I now am completely lost without it! The docking station for around £99 means that my laptop is plugged into there along with the monitors making it all so easy.

desk with monitors on

Printing and communicating Essentials

I am intending on doing podcasts at some point in the near future so I have a Blue Yeti Nano microphone as this will be perfect for this. We are yet to buy any speakers so if you have any recommendations do let me know.

I reviewed the Epson Eco Tank printer recently and this has really become essential to me. I often need to print out contracts to sign and similar so this is perfect. Whilst I don’t use a printer too often without it I would be lost!

Home office stationary

I am a procrastinator. If I can write a to-do list before I do anything it is a bonus. Every week I write a to-do list and take great pleasure in crossing things off as I do them. Throughout the week I add things too, even if they are easy to complete, it is always nice to have something to cross off! Whilst I know you can get planners which are wiped clean and reusable I don’t like those as I prefer the satisfaction of tearing off a completed sheet. Notebooks are also something I love.

An orange notebook, pen and black mouse

Do you lose pens a lot or have a favourite you rely on? The above pen from Pen Heaven is stylish and my favourite colour. It is from the Claim your style range. What is not to love, they have a great selection of pens to suit every writing style and every person. This is my favourite though. The journal is also from Pen Heaven is £19.50 and can be embossed for a little extra. I love it because it means Ben and Stuart can’t pinch it as it is obviously mine!

Home office comfort

We bought a large desk from Ikea which is absolutely perfect for the size we need. At the moment we don’t have a specific chair but I am on the lookout for the perfect one, any suggestions you have let me know. I would highly recommend the VonHaus glass monitor riser. It is so easy to set up and means you have the monitors at the correct height for you.

Do you work from home? How do you ensure you have the right environment to be productive?

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