Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world, and it is the legal drug most of us are addicted to, with most people regularly looking to sign up for a subscription so they can have regular coffee packs arriving at their home.

Drinking three to four cups a day might be just a routine for all the coffee lovers out there. Who does not love to add cream and sugar to their coffee and enjoy a frothier, creamier coffee twice or maybe more a day? Well, this can be dangerous for your health.

If you load your coffee with cream and sugar every morning you are starting your day on the wrong foot. Adding up to 500 calories in your coffee each morning can have serious health issues for you.

The good news is you don’t have to drink boring, tasteless coffee; there are healthier alternatives that you can follow and still enjoy a delicious coffee.

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Coconut milk creamer

Coconuts are full of nutrients and fibre, and they contain vitamins C, E and B, and minerals, including iron and calcium, encouraging even those without lactose intolerance to add coconut milk to their coffee.

By adding milk in your coffee, you can make your coffee as good as it was with a huge gulp of regular creamer that you were used to adding. Your calorie intake will also be lowered. Coconut milk smells excellent, and it also tastes great.

Try it yourself and see if you can replace it with the cream and sugar. With coconut milk creamer, you will drink a guilt-free cup of coffee every morning.

Egg yolks

It may sound a little crazy to you, and you may not want to add a raw egg to your morning coffee, but egg yolk makes a frothier coffee and is a very healthy alternative for cream.

Eggs are full of proteins, and other nutrients and egg yolks are excellent emulsifiers, they will give a very smooth frothy texture to your coffee. It is very easy to make, no fuss involved.

Boil three cups of water. Mix egg yolk, coffee grounds, and three tablespoons of cold water. Make a paste of it. Then add this paste to the boiling water and leave it on the heat for three minutes.

Pour it into your cup, and you will have smooth, frothy coffee in three easy steps. Lots of people add creamer to their coffee to take away its bitter taste; egg yolk has the natural tendency to lower the bitter taste of coffee, giving you a coffee rich in taste and texture.

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Spices are healthier alternatives for your coffee. You can make your spiced coffee without the guilt of spending dollars at Starbucks. You can add cinnamon to your coffee; it will give a very aromatic touch to your coffee and also helps prevent spiking in your adrenals.

Turmeric has a lot of health benefits. It keeps you warm in winter and is also associated with improving your quality of life. Adding half a teaspoon of turmeric to your coffee will give you a long and healthy life in the form of a delicious coffee!

China spices are available in the market, it is a five-spice powder, and you can also add this to your coffee for a change. Cardamom, fennel seeds, and mint are also worth a try to flavour up your coffee without using preservatives and consuming calories.

If you need a sweet taste, you can honey instead of sugar, and it is the healthiest alternative to refined sugar.

Whipped coconut cream

If you are craving cream on your coffee and no other healthier alternative satisfies your craving, then go for coconut cream. It has fewer fats and sugar content and, of course, the coconut benefits.

There are many coconut creams available in the market; pick the one you think is the best after reading the contents. It is okay to have a little coconut cream on your coffee now and then. You can blend it in your coffee or have a spoon or two of it on the top of your coffee.

Almond milk

Almond milk is another healthier option for you to add to your coffee. First of all, it is lactose-free, lactose is the main component that can cause health issues. Secondly, it has more calcium than cow’s milk. It has fewer calories and offers the same sweet flavour as regular coffee creamers.

Its subtle nutty taste is a perfect addition to your coffee. Make sure to look for the unsweetened variety. So, to enjoy a delicious, sweet, and creamy coffee without the guilt of consuming cream and sugar, add almond milk to your coffee.

Try out these healthier alternatives to cream and sugar for your coffee and see which you like the most. They will let you drink a delicious coffee without worrying about the extra calories.

Alternatively, why not try to enjoy black coffee?

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