Black Friday is the Friday after American Thanksgiving day. It is the day that everyone starts their Christmas shopping for real. Black Friday also coincides with the last major payday before Christmas, so it is a big shopping day for gifts with Black Friday deals.

Over the past years, Black Friday has caused a frenzy in the shopping malls as shoppers fought for bargains. These days Black Friday usually lasts a whole month, so it isn’t so much of a mad rush to get to the shops. But how easy is it to find real Black Friday deals in the shops?

Prepare For Black Friday

In the weeks running up to Black Friday, you need to start looking at what you want to buy in the sales. Do your research and check what the prices are before the Black Friday deals.

You really can only do this if you know what you are buying. So if you want a specific television, then do your research on it. Find out the price, and if it comes with any added extras like free gifts.

Some stores advertise their Black Friday deals a week before they go on sale. This is to build up anticipation and excitement for the big day. Only buy products that you really want, because it is only a bargain if you need them.

Beware Of Unknown Names

If you are unsure of a brand, do not buy it. It may say it is a 4K tv, but in fact, it is a rubbish brand that will last you 6 months.

You need to be aware of what you are buying when you panic buy in the Black Friday sales. It is no good comparing a cheaper unknown brand to a worldwide brand.

Research Prices In The Weeks To Black Friday

Sometimes a deal isn’t actually a deal. If you are looking for something specific, check the prices in the weeks running up to Black Friday.

They may be a cheaper price a few weeks beforehand, then the price is bumped up a week or two before Black Friday. It is also worth checking the prices of competing shops, to see if they are doing a better deal.

If you know you want to buy something like a hammock stand for example then researching them first gives you a better chance of finding the best one for you.

Buy Online And Collect Later In The Day

If the product is available online, then order it as soon as you can. Sometimes you can order online from midnight, which is a long time before the shops open for in-person Black Friday deals.

So grab that bargain and then click to collect from the nearest shop. You don’t have to fight your way into a shop to get a bargain. You also can get some better bargains if you buy online.

Earn As You Spend

Using websites like Top Cashback means you can earn money back as you shop. So even though you are saving on the shopping, you can save more on cashback sites. If you a new to cashback sites, you usually also get a bonus when you sign up for them.

Use your store loyalty cards to get points and cashback. Many stores offer extra points on Black Friday purchases to get you shopping.

Black Friday Month

As I said earlier in the blog post. Black Friday deals can start as early as the start of November. So always check online for offers then because you might be able to grab a bargain before the official Black Friday Day.

If you miss out on Black Friday, remember there is always Cyber Monday to look forward to a few days later. This is where you get the best online offer.

Set Up Online Accounts

If you are planning on shopping for your bargains online, make sure you set up and register for accounts beforehand. This will save time on the actual sale day. Register your details and your card, so you can just click the ‘Buy Now‘ button on the day.

If you set up an online account, you can familiarise yourself with the website and work your way around, finding the bargains.

Respect The Sales Teams

Whatever you do buy on Black Friday, please make sure that you respect the sales team. They dread days like this, people coming to their shop with one focus. And that is to buy the bargain that they want.

They won’t think twice about a fistfight with someone over a bargain. And customers won’t care about how shop staff feel under the pressure.

They have spent weeks setting up the details for the Black Friday deals, they are tired and then you are shouting at them. They deserve more respect, after all, they are helping you get a bargain.

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