Whether you’re on the hunt for easy and healthy breakfast sandwich options or are just planning to prep and make your entire week’s worth of breakfast ahead of time to cut down on the early morning rush, we have you covered.

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Here are 5 super easy and delicious sandwich recipes either grilled or plain, you can make, wrap and store. Just heat ‘em up in the morning and you’re good to go! 

Egg & Pepper sandwiches

Super and simple and perfect breakfast sandwich for when you don’t have a lot of ingredients to work with, these sandwiches are a winner for sure.

Saute the sliced bell peppers of your choice in some butter, olive oil or low-calorie cooking spray– you can also add sliced onions in there. Set them aside.

Whisk some eggs, season them and fry them until done. Cut them into squares and place them inside buns. Top with the bell pepper mixture and they’re ready! 

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Egg & Cheese Sandwiches

Perfect for all those who are fussy with their breakfast, these are a win-win.

All you need to do is season your eggs the way you want them to, throw in some milk or a splash of water before whisking them, fry or bake them and layer them in your buns along with some cheese. 

To make these even more healthy, you can add in some sauteed veggies or even mix some chopped spinach into the eggs before you cook ‘em. 

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Cheesy Salami Sandwiches

Got some frozen chicken salami? What could be a better way to put them to use than this?

Team them up with a generous helping of grated cheese, some spice seasoning of your choice (peri-peri seasoning tastes great) and whisked and fried eggs.

Layer these in between the buns, toast a bit on each side if that’s what you want and they’re ready to be stored. 

Breakfast Sausage

Got some breakfast sausage or Supreme Sausages that you can put to use? These sandwiches could be the perfect way to do just that.

Start by baking/frying a mixture of eggs, a dash of milk or water, salt and pepper, while browning up some crumbled breakfast sausage on the side.

Now all you have to do is layer them up on the buns, followed by some grated/sliced cheese and wrap them individually. That’s it! 

Easy Veggie Sandwich

Not a meat/egg person? You can still enjoy some delicious breakfast sandwiches every morning!

Start by sauteing some chopped onions in a pan with a bit of olive oil or low-calorie cooking spray and some seasoning.

Next, throw in some mushrooms, drained kidney or black beans, chilli powder and Worcestershire sauce or Hendersons relish until the mixture becomes slightly pliable.

Cool it down, shape it into patties and place them between buns with a slice of cheese. Easy peasy!

Accompany a breakfast sandwich like this with a flask of celery soup and you have an easy lunch too. Alternatively what about making a breakfast picnic?

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