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As the nights are drawing in and the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory it is easy to get depressed. We start to find that as we are getting fed up our partner tends to be on the receiving end of moodiness.

Poor Stuart I know puts up with a lot of moodiness from me at times. Date nights as a couple are so important. They are a way of reigniting that love you have for each other away from children and distractions.

Here are 5 budget date ideas for couples this autumn. Hopefully, these ideas will help you to stay happy together and not spend too much in the meantime.

Autumn trees

Whether you met your partner on dating sites or down the pub the chances are you have a special place you enjoy going together. Maybe it is that place you had your first kiss, or just somewhere you both have a laugh.

That doesn’t have to be your only option for a special date night. Hopefully, these ideas will help you with some more. Why not also look at virtual date nights?

Watching the stars

Is there a hill or open space near you away from the hustle and bustle of the town/city? This could be a perfect place to sit and watch the stars together.

Sitting in the moonlight always feels romantic I find and just being together with no one else can be lovely.

Cook a meal to enjoy together

I love cooking but often tend to make the same sorts of things without starters desserts etc. Why not make a lovely three-course meal for you both to enjoy?

It will feel so special and doesn’t need to cost any more than a normal meal. This idea also works well if you have young children and no babysitter!

Board games

Stuart and I enjoy this though we do not do it anywhere as near as often as we should. Do you have a number of board games at home and don’t play them?

Having a games night with your partner can be such fun. Especially if like myself and Stuart you are both really competitive! What is your favourite board game? Are you a monopoly fan or more interested in card games or chess maybe?

A couple leaning against a desk in an office

Listen to music together and learn more about each other

If you have not known each other long it is surprising what memories music brings back that you can share with each other. Meeting online could make it even more likely you have lots to find out about each other.

Stuart and I have been together for five years now but still find music brings out so many interesting conversations or memories from our younger days!

Go to the cinema

There are so many cheap tickets available midweek. This could be a perfect date night you will both enjoy. It is easy to organise and doesn’t require too much money.

If you can only get a babysitter during the day this fits well for then too or perhaps both having a day off work whilst children are in school? I am looking forward to the Downton Abbey film and hoping Stuart takes me to see it!

Do you have any other date ideas?

5 budget date ideas for couples

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