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Fragrance and beauty products make great gifts because whilst they are personal and lovely they are also really easy to buy. Not only that but they are easy to order online so if you are busy and do not have the time to go into the local city to shop you will still get lovely gifts.

Choosing fragrances

If you are looking for fragrances I think it is always safe to choose something that the recipient already has or from a brand you know they like. If you are really not sure then check the fragrance sale and find something popular that is on offer.

Gift sets are a great gift because they usually include shower gel, moisturiser or a small handbag size spray. Whilst you may think these are just extras that bulk out the gift they are actually also really important as they help your recipient to layer their fragrance.

When layering fragrance by using moisturiser and/or shower gel it helps their scent to last longer so by giving a gift set like this you are helping them to enjoy their fragrance for longer!

Whether you are choosing something stylish and high-end such as Versace Crystal Noir or something cheaper but also nice like Calvin Klein Eternity, you are sure to have bottles as well as gift sets to choose from so there is something for every budget.

Choosing beauty gifts

Beauty gifts are much more personal than fragrance so a little harder to buy as gifts I would always recommend avoiding makeup with the exception of eyeshadows and nail polishes as they often rely on knowing the skin tone well.

Great beauty gifts are things like Gua Sha tools and facial rollers. They make lovely gifts but usually only if your recipient does not have them already. This is why if you are looking for a gift I think fragrance is always the best option.

In my opinion, you can never have enough perfume but make-up or skincare might just not be right for you and if you are given those as a gift but they don’t suit you there isn’t much you can do with them!

Beauty and fragrance gifts to avoid

Unless they are asked for specifically there are some beauty and fragrance gifts I would highly recommend you avoid. Maybe you disagree and think they would make great gifts.

I would never buy someone who isn’t a teenager hair removal gifts. they make great gifts for teenagers who are just starting out with shaving, epilating or waxing but as they are still young may not yet have a preference. In my 30’s I was given an epilator as a gift once, I had no use for it at all as personally I hate epilators!

Another thing that I would suggest you avoid is anything which is extreme, for example, extreme scents, extreme colours of nail polish, extreme lipstick colours etc. Unless you are 100% sure the recipient loves them, these can be just too specific and make a terrible gift!

Best stores for discount fragrance and beauty products

When you are looking for a bargain gift you should always shop around and check cashback deals and any specific offers stores have at present. If you are unsure or don’t want to hunt everywhere then I would always recommend Notino as the prices there are rarely beaten and they are also on Top Cashback so you can bag up to 10 discount at the moment too if you order from there!

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