The term small business is open to interpretation however in my opinion a small business is one where a person is personally happy when they see orders coming in rather than a large business looking at monthly or annual profits! I love buying from small businesses and helping them to grow.

There are some great businesses that really just need a bit of help to become massive because they have great products. That said it is hard sometimes to trust ordering from a business you are not sure of so I was pleased to see Amazon supporting small businesses.

Amazon Small Business Finder

Whilst a lot of products on Amazon are from huge companies with millions of pounds in profit a month, there are also small businesses that sell through the company. The Small Business Gift Finder is a great way to find products from these small companies whilst also having the advantage of purchasing through a company many of us trust.

If you are not using the small business gift finder but generally shopping for anything then look out for the below logo and phrase on the item listing details. It can be found just below the product description.

My top 10 gifts for Amazon Small Businesses

I love this Sloth mug from the Manta Makes Store and it is only £5.95 at the moment with an additional 10% voucher available too. It is great quality and definitely worth a buy for a low cost but a nice gift.

Jewellery is a lovely item to buy from a small business as you know love and care have truly gone into making it. This bumble bee necklace is beautiful and only £18.99 so a good price too.

Another jewellery item I spotted and loved from the small business section is these gorgeous robin earrings by Feral Spirit. I love robins as they remind me of my Grandma and these look so nice and even come in a gift box.

Do you love wax melts as much as I do? This selection from Twinkle Cottage is lovely and makes a great gift. It is £8.99 and gives a great selection to try out in a handy box suitable for going straight through the letter box!

This gorgeous bag is so much nicer than buying a bag from a high street store. It is unique and well-made and would make a great gift for a lady or teenager who loves bags. It is authentic leather and available in a selection of colours for £41.95.

I love lip balm and get through so much of it! Next time you are buying some as a gift or even for yourself, instead of buying a big brand like Vaseline why not buy this Neve’s Bees Lip Balm? It is £5.95 and lasts well too. I included the little note in with it in the photo as this is exactly why I love shopping with small businesses!

Whiskey makes a great gift and what is better than a small business that makes unique whiskey so that you are sure you are buying something they are unlikely to have already? This bottle is £42.99.

Chocolates can also come from small or medium businesses instead of always going with the big brands. If you haven’t had these before you are really missing out and they make a lovely gift too. Monty Bojangles make such tasty chocolates and you are supporting a smaller brand there too!

For a gift for a gin-loving friend or family member, you could buy this infusing kit to help them make colour-changing gin. A lovely unique gift and easy to buy from the Amazon small business selection and just £4.71.

For a meat lover or keen chef, you could buy this meat kit full of everything they need (other than the basic meat) for kebabs, bacon and pancetta. Using this simple kit they will learn to make their own meats like this and the kit is only £15.14.

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