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The loss of a loved one will always have a profound effect on a family, whether it was expected or out of the blue. However, there are things we can all say and do to help support everyone grieving during these difficult times even at Christmas.

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Share memories

When a close member of your family dies, memories will often come flooding into your brain when you least expect them, causing you to well up. Take those memories and share them with others. Undoubtedly, one tale will lead to another, and together, you can laugh and cry, fondly remembering the life of your family member. As well as sharing stories, why not take the time to flick through old photograph albums, reminiscing? Again, you will certainly end up giggling about the atrocious haircuts and shoulder pads of the ’80s, for example. You could even spend quality time together, creating a collage of photos, showing moments throughout their lifetime. Ask close friends and family members to write down memories to use in a memorial book, too.

Reach out

Sometimes, we can complicate matters by not reaching out for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. The chances are, though, that the rest of your family will just be grateful for the presence and kind thoughts of someone else. Usually, there are no answers to the mysteries of dying and death, so no one will expect you to have any. However, just being open to talking and offering a cuddle will usually suffice. People often do not feel as though they want to seek support, but when it is offered, they grab it with open arms. 

Deal with the finances

Although finances are often the last thing on your mind, not being financially stable can add far more worries on to the whole family’s shoulders, which should not be necessary. In some cases, a death might be as the result of hospital negligence. Therefore, it may be wise to enlist the help of a professional, like these San Fransisco super lawyers, who can support you to obtain some sort of recompense. Despite potentially not requiring monetary support in the immediate aftermath of the death, it is likely necessary at some point in the future and can certainly help others.

Memorial items

In the case where a person has been cremated or even when a family is dispersed and people are unable to visit the grave regularly, memorial items are a great idea. Jewellery containing ashes or adorned with the handwriting of the lost loved one is very special and can make an excellent gift, allowing the wearer to feel as though they always have a part of their departed with them. For younger family members, memory bears are great. A recognisable piece of clothing can be crafted into a teddy, meaning they will feel close to the deceased. Planting a tree or significantly named rose bush in your garden, for example, acts as a lovely opportunity to remember someone as well.

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