New Mexico is a state found in the South Western part of the United States. Its capital is Santa Fe. There are many tourist attractions in this state, and you will love to visit them at any time of the year.

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There are many things such as the Arts communities, Museums, and festivals that one could love to experience here. In this article, we shall examine some of the best things to do in New Mexico both for the locals and the tourists. You will love to note that this state receives over 35 million visitors every year and as such, it is rated as one of the top destinations for tourists in the United States.

Here are some must-see New Mexico attractions you should not miss:

The Rio Grande, near Taos

This is one of the rivers found in New Mexico and can be used for many outdoor activities. Many companies are now offering whitewater rafting experiences along this river. For boulder rafters, they will love the Racecourse.

For the people who love kayaking, they will be thrilled by the challenge of the Upper Box. Talking of the above river still, you will love to cross the Gorge Bridge and this can be a good experience for the people who are scared of heights.

Remember that this bridge is the 5th tallest in the country, meaning it is a good outdoor experience for you and your family.

The Santa Rosa Blue Hole exploration Mexico

This is a very famous place that has several attractions for you and your family. This is famous for the people who love cave diving and as such, you will have lots of fun. There are many hot springs in this area and as such, you will love the experience.

The Santa Rosa Blue Hole is spectacular in that it is a sinkhole shaped like an hourglass and is 90 feet deep and 60 feet in diameter. It has blue colours and discharges water that is 63 degrees. Many who visit this place have a spectacular view and experience of a lifetime.

Visit Ghost Ranch

This is another very interesting place to visit. This is 21, 000 acres of towering rock walls, vast skies, and vivid colours. You will love the beautiful scenery and the many kinds of activities that you can undertake here. Here, you can engage in fun activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and many others.

Valles Caldera, Mexico

You will also love seeing the Super Volcano in New Mexico. This National Preserve is 89, 000 acres and is one of the three super volcanoes of the United States. It is good to visit because of the large elk herds, the diverse history, and the expansive high mountains available for you to see. As such, this place is a favourite of tourists and locals alike.

In conclusion, there are many other places you can visit and have fun in New Mexico. You can always visit the websites of tourists’ interest and check the many activities and places you can visit in this state.

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