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Are you looking to start summer workouts? Whether you are walking, running, swimming, doing yoga or something else, here are the essentials you need to consider.

As we approach the summer and start to have longer days and brighter mornings it is easy to think about working out. It takes a lot more effort on a cold winter morning to exercise than it seems to on a bright summer day. Here I wanted to share with you my favourite buys from adidas for summer workouts, particularly for women.

adidas trail shoes

Cool summer clothes

If you are looking to run, walk or cycle in the summer you will definitely need different clothing from those you wore during the winter. For indoor sports and workouts, you may be able to get away with the same workout gear you had in the winter. If you have lost some weight or toned up however then why not use this as an excuse to buy more that fit your new shape?

For the hottest days, consider avoiding cotton clothing which becomes very heavy when you sweat and instead look for lightweight moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

Even if you are not planning on running, look for running clothes for walking too as they will keep you cool. The main exception to this is if the walking you are planning is hiking hills and thick bush. For these, you may need more specific hiking gear to avoid scratching or injuring yourself.


Do you have swimwear that fits comfortably, whilst swimming costumes are very stretchy if you are wearing one regularly for exercise it is important that it is supportive and fits appropriately.

Women’s swimwear from adidas is available in plus size too so don’t let being a little larger put you off getting good quality and well-fitting swimwear. Whilst many supermarkets sell swimwear they aren’t often designed for active lifestyles and swimming for fitness. Instead, they are designed for fashion. If you are regularly swimming for fitness do consider fit as the first priority and fashion as second.

Trainers or footwear

Whilst sandals are great to wander around the shops in or to go to the beach you should never go on a long walk in sandals or wear them for summer workouts. They do not offer enough support for your feet. In the same way, you shouldn’t wear shoes that are fashion based and designed for jeans.

Not only is proper footwear essential for your comfort, but it will also prevent injury and as such, help you to work out all summer. Investing in women’s trainers that fit well, even when your feet are hot and swell a little really is so important and you don’t have to spend a lot to get something perfect.

adidas sports bra

Sports bras

For summer workouts you may choose to wear just a sports bra on top, some people do. Alternatively, wearing one under your workout clothing is essential. For those who are larger-breasted, it is more important than for those with smaller breasts.

Regardless of your size, it is important that you are fully supported. Women’s sports bras are available for low-impact and high-impact exercise. This essentially means how supportive they are. If you are unsure you can’t really go wrong with buying a high-impact exercise bra.

Ensure your bra fits well, it should be snug but not tight and the straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders and not slide down or dig in. If your bra does not fit well then when you do your summer workouts you could be actually injuring yourself and getting lower back pain.

ladies hand on back with lower back pain

Why choose adidas gear for your summer workouts?

As an adidas blogger, of course, I will always recommend adidas and I absolutely love their clothes, footwear and accessories. That said, I think it is always really important to choose workout gear from a sportswear brand such as adidas.

You don’t need to be running a marathon, even if you are just walking a few miles a day, choosing sportswear that has been designed for exercise is always going to be better for your body and you are less likely to get injuries.

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