Isn’t this weather absolutely lovely? I really hope that all the predictions are right and we are in for a lovely summer this year. This doesn’t mean you have to drink wine in beer gardens and eat lots of ice cream though. You can still stay on plan and have a healthy but lovely summer. I thought I would share with you my “must-haves” for a healthy summer.

A watering can on a shelf with daisies growing out of it


They are so versatile you can have them in salads, with dips (lots here to try), on skewers making your own kebabs, or just quartered on the BBQ.

Bottles of Squash

There are so many great flavours out there. Buy anything you like if it is sugar-free and enjoy it as a refreshing drink all day. We all know that fizzy drinks are never as refreshing as water or squash so buy some tasty ones and you won’t regret it.

Kitchen roll

Whilst being so useful for picnics it is also helpful when you buy salad to put a piece in the bag to help keep it fresh. We often get through salad quite quickly and don’t need this but if you don’t then give it a try.


Refreshing to snack on and usually relatively cheap as they are in season at the moment. They are great between meals or even frozen and added to a drink to make it look pretty. Raspberries particularly look lovely frozen in a clear drink like water or vodka! Perhaps even go strawberry picking as a family.

A blue paper plate with BBQ food on it

Skewers, paper plates and napkins

Enjoy eating outside more with lots of picnics and BBQs and also avoid too much washing up! There are loads of ways to make a BBQ or summer picnic healthy (more details here) whether using meat or an alternative like Quorn.

Low-calorie ice lollies.

I love the Jubbly boxes which are around £1-2 for 8 and are kept in the cupboard and frozen when needed and the ice lollies (not to be confused with the smoothies!) are low-calorie and so refreshing.

Pineapple and melon

Both are tasty and refreshing as they are but can also be frozen with a stick in to make your own ice lolly.

A bowl of red fruit ice lollies

Baby plum tomatoes

Not only are they great in salads and as a side to meals they are a tasty snack too. I absolutely love them to snack on and they are much healthier than sweets, crisps and even grapes!

Ice cube bags

It is just so hot so if you haven’t got ice in the freezer get some in! Whilst you can buy bags of ice I find that ice cube bags are the easiest. Adding a blueberry or raspberry can add a little colour and be fun too.

Lemons, cloves and Fly spray

Ok, this isn’t something for you to eat but when you have a lot of fruit around it can attract flies and spray can keep you sane. To try and deter flies in the first place cut a lemon in half and stick it in some whole cloves and place it near the fruit which helps.

Fat-free fromage frais

It is lovely with fruit and much better for you than cream! I have it a lot over the summer so why not try it for yourself!

What are your essentials? Have you tried any of these?

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