When you think about losing weight the main things you imagine are feeling slimmer, getting into smaller clothes and loving yourself more.

There are lots of other things that you need to be aware of that happen when you lose weight that no one warns you about.

I thought I would share with you a little list of things I think weight loss groups such as Slimming World should warn you before you even start losing weight!

A set of scales with an apple and tape measure


You will need a belt, probably sooner than you think! If you don’t have one buy one or there may be an embarrassing moment or two! You don’t realise how quickly you can lose weight and clothes can feel looser!

The Importance of Poo

No one tells you before you start losing weight how aware you will be about when you poo, especially on weigh day! It seems strange when you first start losing weight.

Within a few weeks, you will happily be sharing with people whether you are constipated. If you haven’t been to the loo before the scales you will blame that on the gain!

Air Freshener

No-one warns you that as soon as you start eating more vegetables there are some rather unwanted smelly and sometimes noisy effects!

This is usually worse in the first few weeks but will continue randomly. Some foods like Mushy Pea curry may be tasty, filling and syn free but they also cause this problem!

Bra Size

Sometimes it will feel like you are only losing weight off this area. Other times it will feel like they are huge compared to the rest of you and aren’t shrinking at all.

No one warns you that you will keep changing bra size as you change weight.

Don’t waste money on expensive ones until you are comfortable with your weight!

If you’re a man you are unlikely to have this issue but hey who am I to judge!

Kitchen Storage

You will suddenly fill your cupboards with so many herbs, spices and different kinds of vinegar.

No one warns you that you will start to wonder if you need a new kitchen.

It will all fit in, you might just need a spice rack and to be a bit more organised!


You will keep needing more and never find lids! Suddenly batch cooking will be a regular thing and leftovers will be saved to go with another meal.

Never fill a tub without ensuring you have a matching lid!


You never bought it before and most likely had never even heard of it but you will soon be hunting the supermarkets for it (in the cheese section near soft cheeses and cheese spreads).

You will also spend ages finding ways to make it taste like it has some flavour! I have a post full of quark recipes if it helps.


Where you only used to buy them for a roast dinner or jacket potato now you will get through loads making your own chips and mashed potato.

You will soon become an expert in which varieties you prefer!

Supermarket Offers

You will soon know exactly which supermarket has Muller lights on offer and where stocks the latest low syn sausage!

Your friends will laugh and think you are crazy. They don’t realise how important it is to save a few syns.

By getting those sausages as that means you can have a glass of that low syn wine everyone is talking about!

Star Week

You are usually quite private about these things but when you realise that the time of the month can affect your weight you will happily chat to your group about it!

It won’t bother you that there are men in the group. For the men reading this, you will soon get used to hearing someone every week saying it’s their star week and explaining that is why they have gained.

You need to remember you do not have the body to be able to use this excuse but hey it’s always worth a try!

Small Chocolate Bars

Things like Freddo bars (now extortionately 30p!) that you have always seen as a little bite suddenly will become amazing treats.

In a few weeks, you will be raving about them and Curly Wurly bars. Gone are the days of you buying a huge bar of chocolate and eating it watching TV.

If you do now you will feel guilty and bury the rubbish deep in the bin so you don’t have to keep looking at it! No one warns you about that!

Weight loss and Exercise Support

I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!


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