If you are always looking for healthier or Slimming World low syn snacks then here is an ultimate list to help you. Of course, it is not all the snacks you could possibly have, but a pretty good list!

All are favourites of mine and my friends so I know you will love them too. There are lots to help with that sugar fix or craving but also some great savoury ideas too.

Perfect for car journeys or when you like a low syn snack to nibble whilst watching the TV.

Pack of pink and whites and pack of fibre one salted caramel bars as Slimming World low syn snacks
Fibre ones and pink and whites

Disclaimer: Just Average Jen is not connected with any weight loss plan. Please check nutritional values and/or syns yourself as these are approximate to the best of my knowledge.

Low syn popcorns

You could make your own popcorn with 25g of unpopped kernels being approx 4.5 syns and making quite a lot!

If you buy it at the Odeon it could be 61 syns for a large sweet box! Alternatively, here are some easy supermarket buys you could consider.

Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn syns

  • Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn cinema sweet 11g pack – 2.5 syns approx
  • Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn cinnamon sweet 25g pack – 5.5 syns approx
  • Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn Sweet and salty 17g pack – 4 syns approx.
overflowing bowl of popcorn for Slimming World low syn snacks

Low syn biscuits

These are just some of the lovely biscuits and such you can enjoy on Slimming World easily within your daily syn allowance. Here are some tasty choices.

Approx syns of Gullon sugar-free products

These are available in a variety of places including B&M bargains.

  • Gullon sugar-free chocolate chip cookies – 2 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free Maria – 1 syn each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free Shortbread biscuits 1.5 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free cookies 1 syn each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free fibre biscuits – 2 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free plain digestives – 2.5 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free vanilla wafers 2 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free Dark chocolate digestives – 3 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free chocolate wafers – 2 syns each approx
  • Gullon sugar-free wholegrain breakfast biscuits – 3.5 syns each approx.
Gullon sugar free biscuits

Approx syns of Mikado sticks

  • Mikado sticks 0.5 syns each approx
  • Mikado king double choco 1 syn each approx

Syns of Pink and Whites

  • Caxton Pink and Whites less than 2% fat from 6 pack – 2.5 syns approx
  • Caxton Pink and Whites Jammies – 3 syns approx.
healthy cereal bars with berries

My favourite Cereal bars syns

  • Alpen light cereal bars, all flavours, 3 syns each approx.
  • Aldi Harvest Morn Benefit cereal bars, 3 syns each approx.

My favourite Rice cakes syns

  • Snack a jacks jumbo varying from 2-3 syns each.
  • Snack a jacks bags varying syns from 4-6 syns a bag.
  • Morrisons Sweet and Salty rice cakes, 1.5 syns each approx.

Don’t dismiss these as savoury snacks as well as sweet snacks!

Pile of rice cakes on white background

Approx syns for Rainbow drops

These delicious multi-coloured yummy snacks are only around 4.5 syns for 25g and as they are so light that is quite a few!

Gingerbread person

Low syn dessert recipes

Flavoured Quark syns, fat-free fromage frais or fat-free yoghurt.

Using flavourings to give these syn-free staples a nice flavour is a perfect way to make a delicious dessert whilst using minimal syns.

If you would like to know more about Quark, then check out my Quark guide.

Flavour Quark with vanilla essence and other similar flavourings from the baking section are usually syn-free.

Flavour with a hot chocolate sachet from 2 syns.

Quark pot on a tea towel.

Slimming World desserts to buy

Approx syns for Muller lights, yoghurts and similar desserts

I love yoghurt in the morning with fruit or as a dessert if I want a sweet treat after the main meal. Why not try freezing them for a different flavour?

  • Muller light yoghurts most varieties around 0.5 syns each.
  • Danone Light & Free Greek-style yoghurts, Blueberry/Vanilla/Lemon flavours around 0.5 syns each.
  • Danone Light & Free Greek style yoghurts, Strawberry/ Raspberry/ Cherry/ Coconut/ Lavish Lemon/ Blueberry Burst/ Strawberry Sensation/ Peach Passion Fruit flavours 1 syn each approx.
  • Danone Light & Free Icelandic style yoghurt, playfully plain syn free per pot. Raspberry & Blueberry flavours 0.5 syns each approx.
  • Rolo Dessert, 70g pot – 8.5 syns approx.
  • Muller light chocolate fix layers, chocolate and caramel flavour – 3.5 syns approx, mint chocolate – 4.5 syns approx, milk chocolate 5 syns approx.
Bowl of red coloured jelly.

Approximate Jelly syns

Jelly is a great sweet snack but the syns can vary significantly. A 135g block of jelly cubes is generally 20 syns, ready to eat jelly in a 125g pot is around 4.5 syns. There are much better choices you could make and here are some popular ones.

  • No added sugar ready to eat jelly pot, 175g, half a syn each approx.
  • Hartley’s jelly pots, no added sugar, 125g pots are usually half a syn each in every flavour.
  • Hartley’s sugar-free jelly crystals are just 1.5 syns for an 11.5g sachet approx so perfect to make your own jelly.
mini meringues

Approximate meringue syns

Meringues are a great way to add sweetness and crunch to yoghurt or to make a bowl of berries seem so much more special.

Large meringue nests are usually around 2.5 syns each but can depend a little on brands.

Mini meringues are around 1 syn each.

For extra flavour add a yoghurt, fat-free fromage frais or quark. If you fancy cream it isn’t off-limits just because you are dieting.

Light squirty cream is half a syn for 3 tablespoons approx.

For a few syns, it means you can have lots of squirty cream with strawberries in a meringue nest. What a tasty dessert.

Approx Fibre One bar syns

These are some of our go-to snacks, my favourites are the popcorn ones which are around 4 syns each or you can even have them as your healthy extra b choice!

3 boxes of fibre one bars, lemon drizzle, salted caramel and chocolate fudge brownie, all perfect for Slimming World low syn snacks

Low syn Chocolate

The syns for Skinny Bakery low syn chocolate snacks

  • Chocolate Pearls 85g pot – 9.5 syns approx.
  • Sweet potato brownies 85g pot – 9.5 syns approx.
  • Chocolate chip cookies 50g pack – 9.5 syns approx.
3 multipacks of freddo bars, perfect snacks at 5 syns each on Slimming World low syn snacks

Chocolate bars

  • Freddo 18g or Caramel 19.5g – 5 syns each approx. Sprinkles/popping candy 18g, 4.5 syns each approx, Freddo faces are 1 syn for each face approx.
  • Twirl 34g (from multipack) – 9 syns approx, treat-size 14g – 3.5 syns approx.
  • Flake 25.6g – 6.5 syns approx.
  • Cadbury Buttons 14.4g treat size pack – 4 syns approx, 24g bag – 6.5 syns approx, 2 giant buttons for 1.5 syns approx.
  • Crunchie 32g bar – 7.5 syns approx, 40g bar – 9.5 syns approx, treat size 17.5g – 4 syns approx.
4 pack of curly wurly bars are great healthy snacks
  • Creme egg standard size 40g – 9 syns approx.
  • Mini Eggs 25g – 6 syns approx, or around 1 syn per egg.
  • Cadbury fudge 25.5g bar – 5.5 syns approx
  • Chomp 23.5g bar – 5.5 syns approx.
  • Nutella B Ready crispy wafer 22g – 5.5 syns approx.
  • Skinny crunch 20g bar – 3 syns approx or 2 bars for healthy extra b choice
Multi pack of fudge bars
An unopened Dairy Milk chocolate bar

Other low syn chocolate sweet treats

  • Chocolate spread including Nutella around 4 syns for 1 tbsp, or around 1.5 syns for 1 tsp.
  • Milk or Dark Chocolate digestive biscuits 4 syns each approx.
  • Chocolate fingers 1.5 syns each approx.
  • Dark Chocolate 25g – 7 syns approx.
  • Chocolate with fruit and nuts (milk or dark) 25g – 6.5 syns approx.
6 multi coloured icecreams
Ice Cream Cones

Low syn Ice Cream and lollies

Skinny Cow Syns

  • Mint double chocolate ice cream lollies or vanilla ice cream sandwich with chocolate biscuits, 100ml each – 6 syns approx.
  • Mini caramel bite lollies 3.5 syns each approx
  • Caramel shortcake ice cream lollies from a triple pack 4.5 syns each approx.

Syns of Halo Top ice cream tubs per 100ml

These are my favourite low-calorie ice creams. I am yet to try all flavours but they sound great.

My favourite so far is definitely the sea-salted caramel.

  • Cinnamon roll – 4 syns approx
  • Vanilla bean – 4 syns approx
  • chocolate – 3.5 syns approx
  • Birthday cake – 3 syns approx
  • Red velvet – 4 syns approx
  • Oatmeal cookie 3.5 syns approx
  • Cookies and Cream – 3.5 syns approx
  • Candy bar – 4 syns approx
  • Strawberry cheesecake 4 syns approx
  • Sea salted caramel 3.5 syns approx
  • Peanut butter cup – 3.5 syns approx
  • Chocolate dairy free – 3 syns approx
  • Toasted coconut dairy-free 3.5 syns approx
  • Sea salt dairy-free – 3.5 syns approx
pile of chocolate bars unwrapped

Low syn drinks

If you choose a sugar-free fizzy drink it will almost always be syn-free.

Other syn free drinks for a sugar fix could be tea or coffee with sweetener if you don’t have milk they are often syn free.

Hot chocolate syns

  • Highlights hot chocolate 11g serving – 2 syns approx.
  • Options hot chocolate 11g sachet – around 1.5 – 2 syns depending on the flavour
  • Options indulgence varieties 2.5 syns approx.
hot chocolate in a mug

Milkshake syns

Crusha milkshake syrup, no added sugar version 25ml serving for around 0.5 syns and if using healthy extra a milk it makes a low syn drink.

If you can only get the standard version that is around 2 syns per 25ml. All flavours including cookies and cream have the same syns in each variety.

Nesquik milkshake powder, 1 syn per level tsp of all flavours.

Remember you can enjoy your milk as part of your healthy extra A allowance so only need to syn the syrup/powder. Read all the healthy extra A allowances here.

Lady in pink drinking milkshake through a straw
drinking milkshake

Low syn crisps

If you love crisps one of the key things to do is to avoid buying family bags unless you have the willpower to weigh the individual portions out.

Here are some great low-syn crisp choices. Be mindful of the size of the bags you use!

  • French fries are approx 4 syns for an 18g bag, approx 4.5 syns for a 21g bag.
  • Quavers are approx 4.5 syns for a 16g bag and approx 5.5 syns for a 20g bag.
  • Snaps spicy tomato crisps (my favourite!) are approx 3.5 syns for a 13g bag, approx 4.5 for an 18g bag and approx 5.5 for a 21g bag.
  • Pom bear crisps are approx 3.5 syns for a 13g bag, approx 4 syns for a 15g bag and approx 5 syns for a 19g bag.
crisps packet open

Other low syn savoury Slimming World snack ideas

If you want someone a bit more substantial and are tempted for a takeaway then maybe these ideas could help.

slice of omelette
Grey bowl of mango couscous
  • Caribbean rice
  • Pizza made with lo dough or bread from your healthy extra allowance for the lowest syn choice.

Remember if you read my unofficial Slimming World guide nothing is off-limits in moderation, just check how the syns of it fit in with your allowance and what you have already eaten that day!

How to calculate approximate syns for Slimming World snacks

If you are looking to eat something which has no free food component then use a simple rule of every 20 calories is one syn.

Additionally, 10 calories is 0.5 syn. So a chocolate bar which is 99 calories is 5 syns as this is so close to 100 calories the difference is negligible. If something is 110 calories then count it as 5.5 syns.

Graphic containing the words How many syns?

Using this trick makes shopping for snacks really easy as a quick glance gives you an idea of the syns. What are your favourite Slimming World low syn snacks?

If you enjoy baking then you need to add up the syns in each individual ingredient and then divide by the number of portions you make.

Home cooking is so much nicer, isn’t it? How about trying this three-ingredient shortbread? Easy to make and easy to work out the syns for, not only that but delicious too!

close up view of a calculator
Close-up view of a calculator on white background

Unofficial Slimming World snack tips for low syn snacks 2024 tips

Here are a few tips to help your syns go further.

hot chocolate in a mug
  • Using your healthy extra b choice for a syn free sweet fix is great if you have a sweet tooth!
  • Cut portions small and put them in the fridge or freezer to make them last longer.
  • If you enjoy using syns for nuts, seeds etc then be sure to weigh them out before tucking in. It may help to try things like the Graze boxes as they are conveniently portioned.
  • Buy portioned cheese as you can have a cheese fix in a convenient easy way.
cheese triangles

More support you may find helpful

Fancy 4 weeks of healthy lunches already planned out for you? Why not check out my lunch meal plan. Or for a full one-week meal plan check out this plan.

I have other guides to recipes with specific ingredients/diets so do go and have a look at those too. Recipes with chicken, vegetarian and vegan recipes, how to cook perfect rice and recipes with rice, and many more just check out my recipes directory. Be sure if you check out anything though to look at the tasty desserts too.

Pin this image to save this directory to your Pinterest for when you are next looking for Slimming World low syn snacks!

Pinterest pin of closeup of chocolate cake

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