If you are going out for the day or away for a few days and have a long car journey we all want snacks, don’t we? What are your favourite snacks for a car journey? Do you enjoy snacks which aren’t on here?

Car journey ranked

The above pyramid shares the UK’s favourite car journey snacks. I must say I disagree with some! Read more about their research here.

Who on earth put Liquorice Allsorts above Skittles??

Unofficial Slimming World syn values for these favourites and alternatives

God-Tier snacks for a car journey

Werther’s originals are usually 1 syn each for the original butter candies (1.5 if they have the filling though) or around 1.5 each for the creamy toffees or soft caramels. Swapping to the sugar-free version saves quite a few syns with the original candies for half a syn and the toffees for 1 syn each. It doesn’t sound much but when you are eating a few it soon adds up.

Wine Gums are around 1 syn each whatever the brand so a whole bag full easily munched will soon add up.

Starburst are another sweet that comes in at around one syn each.

Scotch eggs are definitely the highest syn snack in the God tier with mini scotch eggs at around 2.5 syns each and standard ones at a whopping 14 syns. I guess it depends on how many you munch though as they are more filling than the sweets.

Top-Tier snacks for a car journey

Maltesers are full of air so have to be healthy, right? For 25g of Maltesers you will use around 6.5 syns.

Crisps can be so high in syns, especially if you get a grab bag with Walkers grab bags at around 12.5 syns for Cheese and Onion. They are so easy to munch through too aren’t they?

Carrot sticks and hummus can actually be syn free if you make your own hummus.

Dip surrounded by carrot and pepper sticks

Hard-boiled eggs are another syn free snack so great for a car journey.

boiled eggs with parsley

Mid-Tier snacks for a car journey

Mentos in a tube is probably the best, easy to measure way of enjoying them as a 38g tube is around 7.5 syns. If you buy a 180g bag you will soon eat them all and at around 5 syns for every 25g, it will blow your allowance! Fruit Mentos usually have the same syn values. Why not swap for Mentos White peppermint gum? It lasts longer and you can have 5 pellets for half a syn!

Fruit-tella is another snack to enjoy from a tube to avoid over-eating them. A 41g tube is 8 syns. A great swap here would be for the 10% less sugar version at half a syn a sweet. Fruit-tella sugar-free fruit foams are 8 syns for a whole 80g pack.

Liquorice Allsorts are a syn each sweet too. If you are a big liquorice fan perhaps buying a small pack would be best to keep within your syn allowance. The ones I found at B&M were good on syns.

Liquorice flyers are a great Slimming World snack for car journeys

Sausage Rolls and pasties are probably the least healthy snack you could have in the car. A great alternative would be cocktail sausages. or cut up cooked sausages. Check out the different choices here.

Oreos come in so many varieties now with most being around 2.5 syns each but the double creme version being around 3.5 syns. A simple swap to the Oreo thins could soon add up saving you a lot of syns as they are just around 1.5 syns each.

Lower-Tier snacks for the car

Flipz chocolate pretzels are not my cup of tea but if you like them a 100g pack is 24 syns!

Chopped fruit is of course syn free on Slimming World and a great snack. I particularly love to snack on seedless grapes in the car.

children eating fruit

Skittles, why are they so far down the pyramid. I love Skittles! If you want to limit the amount of syns you use on them then the best option is the small 18g bag for 3.5 syns approx.

Pepperami isn’t too bad on syns at 4 syns for a 22.5g sausage approx unless it is the Firestick version which is 4.5 syns approx.

kinder chocolate for a car journey snack suitable for Slimming World

More Slimming World snack ideas

There are lots of tasty snacks you can have which are either syn free or low in syns. If you have not found anything above to take your fancy then do check out these lists.

Healthier buys from B&M

Snack ideas that are usually syn free

Low syn snack ideas

What are your favourite snacks? Are they on here?

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The best snacks for a car journey on Slimming World

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