We all know that B&M is great for some bargains but what about healthier options? Here are some great products from B&M perfect for your Slimming World journey.

gullon sugar free biscuits

Slimming World buys at B&M – sweet bargains

Skinny Whips

If you are in a Slimming World group or are a regular in online groups on Facebook you may well have heard of Skinny Whip bars.

They are just £1 a box and each bar is 4.5 syns each. They also do an elusive strawberry flavour but it never seems to be in stock when I go!

Two boxes of skinny whips for a snack from B&M bargains for Slimming World followers

Lotus Biscoff

These tasty biscuits used to be served in many places with a cuppa but are available in their own right too.

These XL ones are perfect if you want a couple of bites and the chocolate ones are great! The chocolate ones have only one side coated in chocolate.

The Lotus Biscoff XL are £1 for a pack of 10 mini-packs. Each mini-pack contains 2 biscuits. Each of these mini packs is 6 syns.

The Lotus Biscoff with Belgian chocolate is also £1 and contains 7 packs on 3 biscuits. Each individual biscuit is 2 syns.

Two packs of Lotus biscuits

Cadbury Curly Wurly

I love Curly Wurly bars, don’t you? I am sure they have got smaller over the years though, don’t you think?

These bars are 26g each and 6 syns a bar. This multipack of 4 is £1.

Can you remember when they were 15p each? Does that show my age?

Multipack of 4 curly wurly bars

Kinder Chocolate

I absolutely love Kinder chocolate, don’t you? This pack for £1 contains 8 mini bars at 12.5g each.

The Slimming World syn value for each bar is 3.5 syns so pretty good for a chocolate fix.

Pack of 8 small bars of Kinder chocolate

Cadbury Fudge

Another favourite of mine from when I was younger. Another I remember for 15p!

This 5 pack is £1 in B&M so not such a change since my memories. Each finger of Fudge is 5.5 syns.

Multipack of 5 cadbury Fudge bars

Gullon Sugar Free

This range is great for Slimming World followers as they are tasty biscuits with good syn values. They are also really popular on my Slimming World snack list.

All the pictures packs are £1 each and the syn values vary.

The digestives fare worst at 3 syns each.

The vanilla and chocolate wafers are each 2 syns a biscuit.

The chocolate chip biscuits are also 2 syns each.

The definite winner when it comes to syn values, however, are the Maria biscuits which are a bit like a rich tea and only 1 syn each.

Selection of Gullon sugar free biscuits which are low syn on Slimming World

Fibre One

I love these Fibre One bars, they also do a Birthday cake flavour which is delicious but sadly I didn’t see any in B&M.

At £1.49 a box they are cheaper than most supermarkets (unless they have an offer on!) and all just 4 syns each.

3 packs of different flavour Fibre one bars for a low syn treat


I love white chocolate and these little bars are great for a chocolate fix.

Each mini bar is 12g and 3.5 syns. Not bad for a chocolatey treat. This 6 pack is £1 in B&M.

Multipack of 6 small milky bars

Liquorice Flyers

Stuart and Ben love Liquorice but I can’t stand the stuff. It is one of those Marmite like foods everyone either loves or hates isn’t it.

This pack is 69p and each stick is just 2 syns.

Pack of liquorice flyers

Mini Marshmallows

These are great with hot chocolate, for making a low syn dessert with Quark, or perhaps just a little snack.

This bag is 39p and you can have 10 mini marshmallows for half a syn or 25g for 4 syns.

Bag of mini marshmallows

Freddo Bars

Why are these not 10p anymore? These 5 packs are £1 each and a Freddo bar is 5 syns.

3 multipacks of Freddo bars with 5 in each pack


I have never really had jelly often as I am a vegetarian. That said I was surprised to find this Hartley’s jelly is vegetarian!

The twin packs were £1 each and the single tubs 50p. All flavours of this 10 cal jelly are just half a syn for a pot.

Closeup of Hartleys 10cal jelly packs on marble background

Slimming World buys at B&M – savoury bargains

Mayflower Curry sauce

Have you heard people talking about curry sauce that is low syn and wanted one you just mix up easily yourself?

I make a syn-free curry sauce but if you do not have time then these are perfect and low syn too.

This £1 pack of Mayflower Chinese style medium curry sauce mix makes 9 portions and works out at 4 syns a portion.

Mayflower curry sauce mix

Mayflower Southern style gravy – make at-home KFC gravy

This is clearly not actual KFC gravy but is extremely similar. Unlike the curry sauce above this gravy is synned per 100g.

If made as directed you can have 100g for 3.5 syns. The pack is £1.

Mayflower Southern style gravy mix for a low syn KFC gravy

Rice cakes with sea salt

These simple easy rice cakes with sea salt are delicious, of course, they, in my opinion, should not actually be called cakes!

These Good Food Rice Cakes were just 35p for the pack and each cracker (I refuse to call them cakes!) is 28 calories so around 1.5 syns a cracker.

Pack of ricecakes

Goldenfry Gravy

If you prefer making instant gravy to making your own (this is my syn-free recipe) then this Goldenfry one is good on syns.

If you make it as directed on the pack you can have 100ml for 1.5 syns. This large tub is 89p in B&M.

Goldenfry Gravy granules from B&M


So, Smash used to be syn-free when made properly with water. In my opinion, it still should be however Slimming World now syn Smash at 3 syns for 100g (made as directed).

This tub is £1.49 but the choice is yours whether you syn it or not!

Pot of Smash

Lea & Perrins

This wonder stuff, Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce is syn-free on Slimming World.

However, it is not vegetarian (contains anchovies) so if like me you are a vegetarian look out for Hendersons Relish. If you get through loads of this sauce then finding it for a bargain is always good.

This bottle was £2.09 from B&M so not too different from other shops but if you like it then pick some up when you are shopping for Slimming World in B&M

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce

Mixed Herbs and Chilli Flakes

Do you buy a lot of herbs and spices to flavour your foods? I was impressed by these little tubs.

Each is around 2 inches tall and £1 each. Not as cheap as the bulk packs I usually buy on Amazon but not bad if you prefer to shop in-store or see what you are buying.

All dry herbs and spices like this are syn-free. Do check out spice blends however as some have sugar in and are syns. You can of course always make your own.

Pots of chilli flakes and mixed herbs


This Hellmann’s Low Fat Mayo is around 2 syns a tablespoon and £2 for this big bottle.

Hellmann's Low fat mayo


Passata is syn-free and an absolute staple in my cupboards. Sometimes the expensive stuff is best but 99% of the time I find the cheap ones just as good in a recipe. These cartons are 35p in B&M.

Passata cartons


Most Slimming World members and followers love Frylight. It is a 1-calorie spray that replaces oil. It is often £2.29 or thereabouts in supermarkets unless it is on offer.

I like to stock up in B&M as it is just £1.49. They also had a smaller bottle for £1 each but these worked out the better value per ml.

Three bottles of frylight

Stock cubes and Stockpots

These are all syn free and we get through loads, do you?

The 18 pack of vegetable stock cubes was just £1.39 in B&M and the 4 packs of stockpots were £1 in each variety.

Knorr stock pots and oxo vegetable stock cubes

Roasted red peppers and sliced jalapeno peppers

These roasted red peppers and jalapeno peppers are both in brine making them syn free and good value.

Mezita roasted red pepper in jar and Mezita sliced jalapeno peppers in a jar

These are just £1 each which for large jars like these 480g each I think is great.

Other bargains to help you from B&M

Hand Sanitiser from B&M

This has fast become a staple in everyone’s homes, bags etc. This 100ml tube was £1.69.

They had various brands and size packs so worth checking those out while you are in the store.

tube of hand sanitizer

Baking Powder

It is not often I use baking powder but for some recipes it is perfect.

At half a syn for a teaspoon if you need it in a recipe it isn’t too bad on syns. This tub was £1.19.

Pot of baking powder


Useful stuff for keeping your kitchen clean for cooking lovely meals.

Zoflora has so many uses, check out over 50 of them here. This large bottle was £1.99.

Box of Zoflora

Baking paper and plastic bags

These are other staples for the cupboards I buy in B&M. The baking paper was £1 and the bags £2.

Baking paper and freezer bags

I am sure there are many other bargains that are great on syns but these are my favourites. Do comment and let me know any find you come across.

Need snacks?

If reading this has made you hungry and you just want to click and order some tasty snacks then remember that you can get past this by finding something else to do.

Plan snacks for the next few days that fall within your plan using my guides. Perfect if you have a chocolate craving or just fancy a nibble!

There are many ideas in my snacks ideas guide and if you are peckish.

Remember next week though to add some snacks to your meal plan so you can stay as on track as possible.

low calorie chocolate bars mars, snickers and twix
Low-calorie chocolate bars Mars, Snickers and Twix
Pinterest pin of sugar free biscuits

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