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The planning of a hen party can be a stressful occasion whether it is the bride or the maid of honour doing the organising. Regardless, the idea is to please everyone and have a fun time. Unfortunately, pleasing a group of women can be a challenge, but rest assured that it is possible. Continue reading for our top tips.

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Pick n Mix Hen Weekend

Although pleasing everyone is important, the bride is the most central character when it comes to hen parties. Choose an activity or event that she would love to be a part of and build the rest of the things around that. Of course, others may not wish to partake, but making a weekend of it and having a ‘pick n mix’ style occasion works really well. There will be some elements that everyone will probably sign up to, for example, the meal(s) at a restaurant. Giving people options helps to satisfy everyone.

Central Location

It is likely that the guests will come from several places across the country and may even beyond. Choosing a central location, or certainly, one that is easily accessible to all is vital. If you are planning to stay in the UK, there are many cities and large towns with plenty to offer. Don’t forget to make your event inclusive for people who don’t drive and will need to rely on public transport. Alternatively, ensure that they can get a lift with another member of the party.


Plan this well in advance of the hen weekend. Making sure that you have organised somewhere for you all to stay is vital, although if staying locally, this might not be a consideration for all. If your activities are all city or town centre, booking several hotel rooms could work. Alternatively, check out the cost and logistics of renting a holiday cottage or home for the group of you. This could save money in the long run if you are able to get a takeaway and share or cook a banquet between you for a couple of meals. Be sure to check out who would prefer to share a room with whom as this can isolate people, which is the last thing you aim to do. 

Added Extras

Always plan to add a little bit of fun to your hen weekend with some added extras. Whether you want to go down the cheesy route of wearing L plates or you prefer something a little classier like personalised drinks glasses for the accommodation, there is certainly something that will work with any style of event you plan. T-shirts or other items of clothing with the name of the event on, for example, “Kate’s Hen Weekend 2020” can be sourced from a t-shirt printing company.


Prior to going, make sure that every single person has contributed everything they need to. If drinking is going to be involved, be sure to discuss as a group if you are going to have a kitty or pay upfront for your own cocktails, for example. It is imperative to establish clear expectations as early as possible into the weekend to avoid disappointment or conflict.

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