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Why is it that kids seem to be so noisy when they are at home yet everywhere else they appear like completely different children? Here are some of the reasons why this happens that you may not have thought of and may help reassure you that you are not doing anything wrong, kids are just kids!

Keep going with the home learning and remember it is ok if they argue sometimes and if you need a gin when they are in bed. Just keep on trying.

A group of kids fighting on a bed and dad with hands on his ears

Soft play areas are built differently

Did you know that the way soft play areas use sound insulation and things like acoustic laminated glass which help to muffle the noise?

The kids there are making as much noise but the size of the building and the way it is built means you just don’t hear it in the same way.

Grandparents keep them busy

Are they quieter at their grandparent’s house? If there are different toys there, different things to look at out of the window and generally a different environment this will make all the difference.

If they were there regularly you would soon see the same noisy behaviours!

At school

Remember when you are in school for a concert or similar this has been very well-rehearsed and the children have probably got more adults around them than normal helping so they are being entertained.

Not to mention the fact they are trying to entertain you, their pride in the concert means they are more likely to be focusing on being quiet so you hear it properly.

Remember you do not see the other times at school as often as break times, especially when it is a wet break and they are stuck indoors!

In the park

When the kids are driving you loopy and you take them to the park why are they so quiet whilst they are playing?

The simple reason is that they are burning so much energy running, climbing or swinging they have less energy to shout!

In the house, they have so much energy to burn they tend to use it yelling at siblings.

If you were at the park every day and they didn’t have so much to do I am sure their volume would soon increase but just remember it is the novelty of being outside and doing something different.

For the babysitter

Does the babysitter say they are good as gold and you wonder why they won’t be like that for you?

Again remember there are two things at play here, one is that it is the novelty factor, someone there who probably has more time to play with them and entertain them without worrying about the cleaning, washing or having to pester them to do homework.

The other factor is that the babysitter is likely to want to give the impression he/she can easily cope with them to ensure they keep working with you. They are probably glad to hand them over again at the end of the session!

Remember if you are in any doubt always watch something like Outnumbered and see all kids are a pain at times and definitely noisier at home!

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