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Have you considered setting up a yoga corner? Setting up a dedicated space is a challenge for all the yoga enthusiasts who are learning to adopt this new way of life from their home’s confines. Your yoga corner should be full of vibrance and bright energy to motivate you to use the area instead of a mundane and boring setting that you will not be willing to use for practice sessions. 

The pandemic has limited our movements, but that should not stop us from being disciplined enough to inculcate a healthy physical regimen in our daily lifestyle for overall wellbeing

So let us help you here with some ready to execute ideas and get you going on your journey towards mental and physical wellbeing. It’s best to make full use of the Black Friday sale when you buy items for your new corner. 

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Floor it away 

Just remind yourself that there are many economical and stylish options available to decorate the floor area via vinyl flooring in the market that is available in different styles such as mosaics, medium woods, marble, etc., and colours such as beige, blue, and many more. 

They are easy to install and are durable enough to be put to use for long. 

Light it up

In the absence of natural light, you can opt for soft and subtle lighting that can do wonders to your mood and give a calming effect that will help you enjoy your solo yoga sessions and focus better. Also, with proper lighting, you can attend your sessions in the evenings if your morning chores keep you busy.

Green is clean 

Using plants and flower pots while decorating your yoga space will add natural flavour and give you fresh air during your practice session. There are plenty of home plants that you may use to add that extra green and gleaming effect.

Declutter space for a declutter Mind 

Immense research has concluded the positive impact of open and decluttered space on your Mind and quality of life. So, give away all the gadgets, souvenirs, and other household items that you may think hamper the free space you need for a relaxed state of Mind.

An open space will enhance the appearance of your home and will lead to free-flowing energy.

Fragrance to the rescue 

We all are aware of the positive impact of fragrances. Use of scented candles, aromatic oils, sprays, natural incense sticks will set the mood to reap maximum benefit from your practice.

Accessorise the space

A small water fountain, a beautiful painting, a colourful rug, or a small aquarium will fill your practice space with an aura of positivity and calmness and make it more appealing.

Colour the walls

A bright colour wall or a customised wallpaper in the corner is all you need to invite you to look forward to your sessions at any time of the day.

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