As I am often asked by other bloggers and business owners to share how I grow my Facebook page I thought I would put together a post of hints and tips.

If you have a business page (this is different from a profile or group) then whether you are a blogger or not these may help you. A page is one that people click to like rather than join or add as a friend.

My Facebook page is almost 3 years old now and has a following of 28630. I am no expert but happy to share with you my knowledge and advice.

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Why you need a good Facebook following

Facebook is one of the major social media platforms and many adults use it daily. For this reason, it really would be crazy not to share your blog or business on there.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter or Instagram is that posts are around longer. If you post on Facebook today your followers can still very easily see it in their newsfeed tomorrow, this is much less likely on Twitter or Instagram.

Your readers are on Facebook. They are likely to be on Facebook in their own time when they have plenty of time to spare so are likely to browse things that interest them.

If you can increase your following on Facebook then you can increase your page views. By doing this you will increase your income from adverts on your website.

Brands consider the following you have in whether to work with you so this is a very important reason to work on increasing it.

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How to increase your Facebook Following

Post a variety of content on your page

This should include

Your blog posts – old and new

Topical or on niche posts from other bloggers, brands and wider media

Funny pictures, memes and jokes

Questions and Polls

Post content in a specific way

The way in which you post content makes a huge difference.

Put the image into the post BEFORE the link. This gives it a better chance of being shared into news feeds due to the Facebook algorithm.

When possible post directly to the page NOT through a scheduling app, schedule through Facebook itself. Again this helps it to be seen with the algorithm.

Post 3-4 times a day at a minimum.

Encourage comments whether that be asking a silly question or asking opinions – comments mean the person who commented has this pop into their friend’s newsfeeds too.

Share content to Facebook groups

Of course sharing your blog content is second nature but this also helps she your page. Here is how to do it for the best response.

Share the blog post to your Facebook page then from the page to a group. This way they click through your page to read the blog and will likely like your page on the way.

Only share things relevant to the group and check group rules so you don’t get banned.

When you share add a sentence or two with a question in. This encourages people to comment which keeps your post-high in the group.

Don’t be afraid to suggest people tag or share to people who will like it. Eg. A recipe for a pasta-based meal on a Slimming World group, I would add a comment like “Am I the only person who eats pasta at least twice a week? Who do you know who loves pasta? They will love this!”

Do not post to too many groups at one go, you run a risk of being blocked as spam by Facebook.

Invite new people to like your Facebook page

Some people will like your page of their own accord, others need a little push to. Here is how to ask them to like your page.

Visit your page through your personal Facebook (ie not the pages app) and click on the likes for each post. You will have the option to invite those who have liked the post to like your page. Do this for every post within a few days of the post being live.

Invite all your Facebook friends to like your page, don’t be ashamed.

Post on your personal profile asking if your friends might share your page, don’t be afraid to ask some will do it.

Post things purposefully to get likes so that you can then invite the likers to like your page. Good things for this are viral videos, memes and poll type posts (polls themselves don’t allow this however).

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Be likeable on your Facebook Page

These points are really important. People only like pages that they like. Sounds simple doesn’t it but it is something many people ignore. Here are a few pointers that help me.

Be fun and share things about you that your followers will love and giggle at. An example would be something like “am I the only person who has put their washing out three times today to get it in when it rains 10 minutes later each time?”

Be their friend – your followers need to see you as their friend so be chatty and friendly not just business-like.

Reply to comments openly and honestly.

Be human – tell them the good and bad of your life within reason eg I share when I burn food or food goes wrong.

Don’t be too opinionated – whilst you shouldn’t be boring you shouldn’t be arguing with your followers if you can help it.

Be clear when you are advertising or have been given something to review. This is a legal requirement but also shows you are being open with them. People like that.

So, those are my tips for a successful Facebook page, don’t be afraid to be brave, try them, go off niche a little sometimes and share things that aren’t all your own to add diversity. Something linked to your niche in the news can be a great break from your blog posts constantly.

Funny memes and pictures give your readers a giggle and make your page one they are used to seeing in their news feeds because they notice who shares thing that make them laugh.

Remember the more people interact with your page (like or comment) then the more you will pop into their newsfeed so your primary objective is to get them to interact.

If you would like any specific help with your Facebook page I can offer one to one help, contact me for packages available. Email me at

Good Luck and let me know if you find this helpful

Jen x

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