Mindfulness is something that many of us are trying to focus on a little more. After all, life is busy.

Whether you are a parent navigating the fog of life with kids, under pressure with a job, or struggling with things like your finances or relationships, mindfulness can be a great way to reaffirm your feelings and help you think more positively.

However, if you are wanting to be introduced to mindfulness then where should you start? I have found a few books that are well worth reading to help you grasp how you can incorporate mindfulness into your life. 

The headspace guide to mindfulness and meditation – Andy Puddicombe 

Mindfulness and meditation can go hand in hand, and this book is all about introducing you to both concepts. It explains things informatively and adds an element of simplicity to it.

Especially as meditation for people who don’t do it often can feel overwhelming. A great book to start you on your journey. 

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The little book of mindfulness – Patrizia Collard 

If you want a book that will break down mindfulness in easy to understand bitesize chunks then this book is a great option.

It is easy to refer back to, acknowledge, and scan the pages for when you need a few reminders. A lovely option for embracing mindfulness.

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The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse – Charles Mackesy 

This is such a lovely book to remind you to think a little differently. It is easy to understand and gives you insight in short bursts through beautiful images and very easy to digest forms of wording.

Using conversations between the four characters in different scenarios to highlight when you can think differently and in a positive way.

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Ikigai: The Japenese secret to a long and happy life – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

This book is a lovely insight into the Japanese concept of Ikigai and how it can help you have a sense of meaning with everything that you do. It will help you to approach things differently and rethink how you might react and move forward in a more mindful direction.

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The little book of Hygge: Danish secrets to living happy – Meik Wiking 

The Danish people are apparently the happiest in the world, and Hygge is the concept in which you can do it. This book explains how you can embrace this into your daily lifestyle and in turn become a more mindful and happier person. 

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Mind over mother – Anna Mathur 

This book has been designed for mothers, and Anna has such a way of dissecting how you are feeling and helping you to work through it.

There is so much anxiety around motherhood and being more mindful will help you to navigate these times with more positivity and mindfulness.

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A mindfulness guide for the frazzled – Ruby Wax 

This is a hilarious guide to mindfulness for people who struggle with the concept. We can all live chaotic and busy lives, and Ruby helps you to incorporate mindfulness in that “frazzled” world.

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Hopefully, that has given you plenty to work through to help introduce you to mindfulness.

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