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Are you looking to start an exercise or weight loss plan with a view to changing the shape or size of your body? These things never seem to happen immediately do they and change is always gradual. Buying clothes during weight loss is often essential.

Whilst I completely understand why it works like this it is also very frustrating, isn’t it? This is why I always advise only buying new clothes when you need to and buying them cheaply when you do!

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My favourite places for bargain clothes

If you have started to change shape or tone up and need new clothes then I highly recommend you buy them cheaply unless you have reached your target shape or weight. Even losing half a stone or exercising for a few weeks can change the shape of your body considerably.


Sales, such as end-of-season sales and boxing day sales are perfect for essentials. I would try to think outside the box too, for example, summer clothes may be perfect for under hoodies and jumpers or for working out.

Sales items may not be eligible for returns so check items over for marks and tears to ensure you don’t end up paying for rubbish!

Peacocks and other discount clothes shops

Cheap clothes shops are always good for new clothes when you need them. They tend to have all the latest styles and at good prices so if you need something for an event they are my go-to shop.

Remember wherever you shop try and find discount codes too and vouchers as it saves more and before you know it you can buy a whole outfit for £20! I have recently found a Peacocks discount code for £10 off a £50 spend which is brilliant and would easily buy a few bits to keep you going as you change shape or size.

Second hand

Whether for financial or environmental reasons, second-hand clothing is always a great buy. If you won’t be in a size for long you may find something for a few pounds that is perfect for a party or event.

Vinted and eBay are great for preloved clothes as well as online marketplaces such as Facebook and the Nextdoor app. Be sure to check if the items come from a smoke and pet-free home if this is something that would concern you.

When buying second-hand be extra vigilant about how you pay for items and how you meet people to get your goods. There are a number of scams around which involve taking payment and not sending goods and even charging extra for items after you have paid claiming postage costs increased.

Meeting people you do not know is always better done in a public place or with someone else with you.

Selling your old clothes

As well as buying clothes during weight loss you need to remember that you can make money from your old clothes too. Clothes that may now be too big for you may be perfect for someone else.

You may find you can sell them through your weight loss group or gym but alternatively use Facebook Marketplace, Vinted or eBay to sell anything you won’t wear again. Remember even if you bought an item preloved you can still sell it again!

I have previously shared tips for selling on Vinted and how to sell well on eBay so do check those out to help you too.

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