We have all made mistakes in dieting that seemed to make sense at the time but didn’t help us at all. Here is a light-hearted list of 20 for you to giggle at! We all make the same sort of mistakes. Then we laugh about them too. Give this a share and see how many friends also recognise themselves in these!

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Funny but true dieting mistakes

I bought something whilst shopping and ate it before I got home. If no one saw it then it doesn’t count, right?

I did a little bit of exercise so I can eat 6 bars of chocolate and a family-size bag of crisps! Surely I deserve it!

I pinched a bit of the kid’s food but it doesn’t count because I was stopping it from being wasted!

The bread had today’s date on so I had a bit extra because it is better than throwing it away!

While the car was being serviced they had a coffee machine, there was no sweetener so I had sugar. It doesn’t count though because I needed a coffee or two (or three)!

The supermarket had my favourite pastry on reduced to 5p as it was the end of the day, its only 5p so it doesn’t matter does it.

I had a salad with my burger at the takeaway so it is ok isn’t it, its better than just the burger and fries! Or, I ate out and didn’t ask for the salad without dressing but I am sure it will be fat-free dressing so won’t worry about that.

I can’t start a diet again today, its the weekend, I will start Monday!

Everyone else is having a dessert so I will too, it won’t hurt and it would be rude not to!  

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More to make you laugh

I bought a packet of biscuits because I felt naughty. Then I felt guilty so instead of having small bits occasionally, I ate the lot to get it over and done with!

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, what’s the difference it won’t hurt this once!

If I drink lots of wine and then forget about it tomorrow it won’t matter because I won’t remember what I drank!

Banoffee Pie has bananas in so it can’t be too unhealthy, I will just have it without cream!

Raisins and wine are both made from grapes so we will pretend they are healthy!

My friend/partner is eating it so I can too, they always have it and are so thin so it can’t be too bad!

If it’s healthy when it’s homemade then it’s fine just this once from the takeaway. Surely it can not possibly be that bad.

I didn’t plan my meals so I just grabbed a few bits at the shop. I’m in a rush so haven’t got time to work out what is good for me and what isn’t. Meal planning isn’t important.

I am starting my diet tomorrow so may as well use up all this bad stuff now!

It is just a few nibbles on a buffet. I will eat my healthy meal later so this doesn’t count!

Sometimes we just feel we need to eat rubbish and don’t fancy all the syn-free snacks out there. It is only human don’t beat yourself up about it.

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20 dieting mistakes we have all made

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