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I am a big fan of meal planning and think it can really change your life. If done correctly it can make the difference between having a healthy family and living from convenience foods. Here I thought I would share with you some tips to help you plan a weeks meals in 10 minutes.

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Meal planning in 10 minutes

If you want to plan a week worth of meals for the family in just 10 minutes then here are a few things to consider.

  • Which days you need a quick meal ready in minutes when you get home?
  • Do you have anything that needs using that you need to base any meals around?
  • What is on offer at the local supermarket?
  • New meals that you want to try to keep your meals interesting.

Starting by listing the meals for days you need something ready when you get in is the easiest way I find. Use a slow cooker recipe that can easily be prepared the evening before or in the morning. If this will make extra portions for the following day then add those in to the plan.

Look at lunches, can you think of easy lunches for when you are at work? Is there something you could prepare for a few days? Can you have leftovers on other days? Using this method you can soon discover that you need one slow cooker recipe, and 6 evening meal recipes. Check out my recipes section for some great easy to make meals to fill the gaps.

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Using a ready made meal plan

If you really struggle with motivation you could use a ready made meal plan with attached shopping list. How easy would that be? Alternatively you could go an extra step and use Hello Fresh to plan your meals and deliver everything you need.

I always thought that services such as Hello Fresh had meals that were not Slimming World friendly but was pleasantly surprised when I had a look. This Indian Spiced Aubergine sounds lovely. There is such a variety that would be low syn or even syn free. Hello Fresh would definitely make meal planning a little easier if this is something you struggle with. Pop over to look at the Hello Fresh recipes section and see if it looks like it could work for you.

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Tips to avoid over shopping for your meal plan

I hate waste and always try not to buy more than I need. If necessary it is always easy to freeze vegetables or fruit you have left over. Here are a few top tips for ensuring you don’t over buy and spend more than necessary.

  • When looking at recipes do not just write for example peppers on the list. Write how many you actually need. Otherwise, it is really easy to guess and buy extra “just in case”!
  • Check your cupboards before you go shopping. I am terrible for buying chopped canned tomatoes for every time I need them and extra. Before I know it I have a cupboard full!
  • Consider which fruit and vegetables are in season and use those in your meal plan. These will be cheaper and as such save you money or give you more for your money.
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables. This means you only buy what you need.
  • Be sure to include treats in your meal plan, things like hot chocolate bombs can be great to look forward to.
Meal planning made easy

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