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Due to the situation we all find ourselves in, the likelihood is we’re all going to be spending a lot more time at home than most of us planned this summer. With temperatures already heating up around the UK, keeping our families cool at home is really important. I wanted to share some tips for keeping cool, which will hopefully make your summer more manageable and enjoyable. All of the tips below don’t rely on air conditioning, as while it’s popular in other countries, it’s not as common in the UK.

wooden thermometer showing temperature of the family home this summer

Netting for open windows

Opening a window to let some fresh air into your home, and also let some warm air out, is always an effective way of dealing with hot weather. However, one of the drawbacks can be an increase in insects or fly’s that find their way into your home. Getting some mesh or netting and creating a little cover for the inside of your windows will allow you to keep them open without worrying about the insects flying in. You can use suction clips to attach the mesh to the inside of the window, and this will allow you easy access to the window if you need to open or close it quickly.

Choosing the right windows to open is also important. Hot air rises, so opening upstairs windows is a good way to let some warmth out of your home. Rooms which can quickly heat up, such as the bathroom when a shower or bath is being run or the kitchen when someone is cooking, are key rooms to have a window open if you can. The higher up your windows are, the better they will be at releasing warm air, so if you have any rooflights in your home, it’s a good idea to have them open on warm days.

Paddling pools

While lots of kids (and adults) may have been dreaming about hotel swimming pools or sandy beaches this summer, the best you might be able to do is get a paddling pool for your garden. Depending on the space and budget you have available, there are bigger pools which are closer to a small swimming pool!

However, for most of us, having a paddling pool in the garden will be the go-to option. If you are unsure which to buy then check out Patiomate and their top paddling pools here.

Having access to some water outside is a great way to cool down on a hot day. All members of your family can enjoy it, and if you have pets, it’s also a great way to help keep them cool on hot days.

Dogs with long or thick coats can really struggle during the summer, and a paddling pool with some shallow water can be a great place for them to cool down and relax.

Always remember to take the necessary safety steps to protect your kids when they’re in a paddling pool, even though the water may be shallow it can still be dangerous. Remember this is a perfect time to potty train little ones too!

Thin bedding

When dealing with warm weather, it can often be challenging to sleep comfortably. Opening your bedroom windows before you go to bed and even leaving them cracked open during the night can really help cool down your bedroom.

Another way to deal with the heat in your bedroom is to change your bedding. Thinner blankets and cotton sheets both work well in reducing the temperature of your bed and help you get a good night’s sleep when it’s warm. Children stay in bed at night if they are not too hot or too cold so build this into their bedtime routine!

Keep some doors closed

It may sound counterproductive, especially after everything which has been said about opening windows to increase ventilation, but keeping some doors closed can help control the temperature inside your home. As mentioned, some rooms can get really warm when the temperature heats up. Keeping this hot air away from cooler parts of your home can help provide spaces you can use when you want to get away from the heat. Closing the doors to the rooms which you’re trying to keep cool can help prevent huge amounts of hot air entering and raising the temperature.  

Hopefully, these tips can help you enjoy your summer and keep your family and home cool when those hot days arrive!

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