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Let us start by making it clear that having results as an underpinning of your fitness regime is very important. It can be extremely useful when keeping you going. If you wish to lose weight, gain muscle, spend more time in the gym or simply eat more healthily, be proud of yourself.

However, we also wish to highlight that actually, bearing through the pain and gritting your teeth until you finally get to your intended result is not the true ethos of the fitness lifestyle. You are allowed to enjoy the process, no matter how averse to it you think you are. In fact, ask anyone who simply started running to lose weight and now practice it regularly. They’ll tell you that they partake in the exercise for fun. That can feel quite crazy to those of us who have yet to experience it.

So, let us help you get there:

Enjoy The Social Aspect

A great healthy lifestyle is often well maintained and managed by the social nature of the process. For example, bringing a friend along, running a program together, deciding to attend the same fitness class or meeting people at said gym event can help you not only lose weight and stay dedicated, but share pleasantries with others, to make this into a social experience. You’d be surprised just how kind people can be when working out with one another, as we all know it takes effort and determination to achieve. Remember too you can not outrun your fork so eat well and lots of vegetables too.

Your Movie-Like healthy Journey

Why not view this process as a journey? You are the hero in your own movie. Listening to soundtracks on the treadmill that give you a sense of your personal best, or help you imagine yourself fighting an invisble enemy (such as depression, or lethargy, or weight gain) can help you touch your dramatic motivation and thus keep back at it every day. Remember, it’s often the narratives, not the technical nature of things that keep us motivated and invested. There’s no reason why you can’t build your own wonderful story like this.

Investing Your Best

It’s important to invest your best self into this process, because when you do, you really do see yourself improving. It’s why having a personal trainer is really worth it, because they can guide your progress, help you notice the amazing improvements you are making, and also help bring the best out of you when you just want to stop. People often think that a personal trainer is an uncaring person only concerned with results that make them look good, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the direct opposite is true, they truly care about watching you develop, and want to help you surprise yourself. And surprise yourself you will.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without worrying too much about results.

How To Enjoy The Healthy Lifestyle Without Worrying About Results

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