It is commonly thought that eating more healthily can be expensive but that doesn’t have to be the case. I have written about this before and shared my tips with you.

I thought today I would give you some of my tips for bulk buying to save money on Slimming World or any other healthy eating lifestyle. I even have a way for you to get £5 and save more money too! Read on for this and lots more!

A variety of healthy fruit and vegetables

Herbs and Spices

Dried herbs and spices can lose their flavour if kept too long so be careful not to buy too many more than you will use over the next few months or so. The best place for these is Amazon or continental stores in big cities in my experience.

Fresh herbs are cheaper in the long run if you buy a plant and keep it alive.

Getting it from a gardening centre or the gardening section of the supermarket surprisingly is often cheaper than the fresh foods section so it is worth checking there.

If you find yourself with more than you can use freeze it in an ice cube to use when you next need it.

Fruit and Vegetables

Whilst often these can not be bulk bought it is always worth checking if you can buy them cheaper frozen if they are going in a casserole or something similar anyway. Stored correctly root vegetables often last well so are worth buying in bigger packs.

Dried and Canned Foods

Always worth double-checking the dates but these usually last a long time, why not bulk buy these when they are on offer or if you have an offer for delivery from a supermarket etc?


Meat can be expensive but it doesn’t always have to be. Have you looked at Musclefood? I have reviewed some products for them previously and found no issues at all with their products.

For £5 you can get 1kg of chicken (new customers) or alternatively, they do various packs for slimmers or just general mixtures it is really worth a look on their website here.

A tip from me though is to separate the items into individual packs before freezing otherwise you will end up having to defrost a lot of chicken just for one breast!

Ready to cook meals

It isn’t often you can bulk buy this kind of thing really and many aren’t all that healthy either. However, have you looked at the Musclefood ones?

They are generally pretty good and with their new “Do the Unthinkable” they are offering their prepared meals including breakfasts in a plan including free fitness plans.

So if you are not following a specific weight loss plan such as Slimming World this may be ideal for you. I haven’t tried it so I can’t give you my opinions but it sounds like an interesting idea.

Or maybe you follow a plan already and you have another family member looking for something?

Saving at specific stores online and offline

Here are a few tips and discounts that may help you either with bulk buying or just shopping for other items.

Supermarkets in-store – Remember to make use of their loyalty cards and price match guarantees.

Ocado – £10 off your first shop usually.

Quidco – Sign up and then shop through there to earn cashback. If you sign up through my link you will get £5 too (available once you have hit a threshold etc). I earned £50 swapping broadband providers last year and £35 for car insurance! They link with many retailers so it soon adds up! Many supermarkets offer £5-6 cashback for your first order through them – enough to treat yourself to some wine or flowers! Quidco also has an app where you can earn cashback by snapping certain items on your receipt if you buy them so keep checking!

Top Cashback – Another cashback site with links to many supermarkets and brands. Sign up. I personally find that checking both cashback sites is good to then decide which is best for what you need each time.

Lloyds bank customer? – Sign up for their own cashback scheme called Everyday Offers on your mobile banking app. Many of the cashback options are for dining out but I have seen Morrisons on there before and if you get 10% back, for example, it can be rather lucrative so worth keeping in check.

A few warnings

Be careful of schemes where it costs you to sign up to receive money back from shopping. Many of these seem to not really add up well when you work it out so do the sums and only join them if you are sure they work for you!

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